Today is National Punctuation Day®! This holiday was founded in 2004 by former newspaper man Jeff Rubin in order to promote writing and literacy. In essence this should be a day of reflection to remind us how garbled the written word would be if not for punctuation.

Just for fun try to write a paragraph without using punctuation it is really difficult confusing and annoying especially since you cant use things like commas periods quotation marks parentheses colons semicolons apostrophes ellipses and my personal favorite the em dash oh and you cant use cartoon curse words either its not as easy as it looks believe me I had to go back and remove all the accidental punctuation I put in when writing this example it really shows you how we take punctuation for granted phew that was one long sentence dont you think

My point (pun intended) is this: Writing is a gift: Share it. Enjoy. And don’t forget those serial commas!

For more information—including resources, activities, and photos—check out the National Punctuation Day¬Æ Official Website.

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  1. Mike 14 years ago

    “National Punctualtion Day” — cute!


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