We frequently discuss the importance of writing out of our comfort zone. A fiction writer can certainly benefit from interviewing people for a non-fiction story. A journalist can learn something from writing a poem. A sci fi writer might consider it a stretch to write something in the romance genre, but the challenge of writing what you don’t know really only serves to make for a better writer.

It is with this in mind that I present this month’s extra credit assignment: Have an adventureexperience something that causes you to leave your comfort zoneand then post about it (up to 200 words) on the Write On! Yahoo or Facebook group Message Board. I am not suggesting you take up skydiving or run away and join the circus… however, if you are an athlete, paint a picture; if you are a homebody, run a marathon; if you like to eat out, cook a meal. Anything goes. Be creative. And then write about it.

While it is important to hone your “chops” by writing in different mediums and genres, having experiences that draw you out of your comfort zone is essential for any writer.

Post up to 200 words on your adventure by April 8. The winner will receive a free iScript and have their story in the next newsletter.



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