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  1. Stephanie 13 years ago

    To finish my current novel and re write it to make sure it is perfect. Finish three short stories and get back to my film.

  2. Meena Rose 13 years ago

    To complete assignment 4 of the Institute of Children’s Literature, to work on the second draft of my chapter book series, to assemble a chapbook for my November PAD challenge, finish my current novel.

  3. David King 13 years ago

    Write “December” and then correlate 12 different topics to 12 different months in a way that is more than less logical – and to write “January” too. That will be all 12 months and sets me up for the first re-write!

  4. Cara Holman 13 years ago

    Back to creative non-fiction writing.I have a half dozen stories at least that I’d like to complete by the end of the month.

  5. Linda Frothingham 13 years ago

    Finish my script rewrite asap…Conquering the wonderful notes from Daniel Manus, http://www.nobullscript.net
    Then create a miracle to help pay for my son’s next semester college tuition.


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