We had a great turn-out for the last traditional meeting of 2009—our holiday party/annual goals will be in December. Twenty members tonight, including newbies Michael, Suzanne, Esther, Paul, Linda, and Peggy; plus, Izabel, who was part of the writers group when it launched in 2002, returned after several years. It’s so nice when we see old friends.

During goals, we had a brief chat about NaNoWriMo (structure, productivity, etc.) and the importance of living with a story before getting it out on the page. Greg, Laurie, and Heather brought pages to read—though Greg’s was from an iPhone and Heather’s from an eBook reader. Ahh. The electronic age.

As the year comes to a close, it’s important to remember your annual goals as you race to the finish line. It is also essential to acknowledge your accomplishments and give yourself kudos for a job well done, whether it’s for writing a query, an article, a book proposal, a screenplay, anything that puts you closer to your ultimate goals and dreams.

Don’t forget, post your December Goals for a chance to win a free iScript. And enter the Write On! November Challenge – Write Your Turkey! See you in December!

Happy Writing!



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