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  1. Laurie 12 years ago

    Catch up on schoolwork and write 1000 words.

  2. Michelle 12 years ago

    submit a persoal story for an anthology, write at least 2 poems, edit 5 chapters in WIP, write final assigment in my writing course.

  3. Dylan 12 years ago

    Episode 2.

  4. Jocelyn 12 years ago

    Finish the first draft of my book!!

  5. Andrea 12 years ago

    Participate in the Script Frenzy and write a screenplay in a month. Officially have an MFA! Finish my website.

  6. Vanessa 12 years ago

    Edit at least 4 chapters of my wip.

  7. William Rue 12 years ago

    Started first draft of second novel and got 99 pages into it. I’m giving myself until July 4th to finish this, the proverbial “barf draft”. It’s so liberating when you know that no one–NO ONE–will ever read what you’ve written…You can even use real names and everything!

  8. casey 12 years ago

    I have put off the actual writing of my new screenplay for way to long. In April I will type Fade In: and Fade Out:

  9. Kate Pesich 12 years ago

    This month I hope to contribute at least ten and no more than 30 articles as freelance work. I also will be making a blog entry twice weekly.

    Now to squeeze in the Technical Writng assignments, Journalism Law case briefs and term papers, and I’ll be good to go.

  10. Edel 12 years ago

    Finish Scriptfrenzy
    Write 20k on novel
    Sell one article
    Launch writing business

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