Writing is all about community. Supporting each other is the key to success.

My favorite writers websites include:

Fundsforwriters.com – The url says it all
Helpareporter.com – For writers and experts/sources
Mediabistro.com – Articles, classes, and regular mixers (I co-host the LA Parties with Michelle Thatcher)
NaNoWriMo.org (Write a Novel in a Month) and ScriptFrenzy.com (Write a Screenplay in a Month)
StoryLink.com – Great screenwriting resource
WritersDigest.com – Writing industry staple
Writers Guild of America – Register your manuscripts, plus, excellent industry events

There are way too many to mention, so I opening up the conversation. Please post your favorite writers sites in the comments below. Also, share the url to your blog or website!

Remember, post your May Goals for a chance to win an iScript (a huge supporter of Write On!) And enter the Write On! April Challenge – Write a Limerick by April 30. Happy Writing!


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  1. Debra Eckerling 12 years ago

    Also, please check out the twice weekly Author Q&As, Write On! Wednesday, and Thursday Expert Columns for even more writing resources and author sites!

  2. Faye Rapoport DesPres 12 years ago

    Hello, I’d like to share one of my favorite writer’s sites, the blog of author and teacher Joy Castro:


    (Her main page is at http://www.joycastro.com).

    My own URLs are:
    http://www.fayerapoportdespres.com (site) and http://blog.fayerapoportdespres.com (blog)

  3. Bill Martell 12 years ago

    My blog:
    (Has nothing to do with sex – it was one of the strange script notes I had on a film I wrote)

    My website:

    And here’s the blog page that indexes the Screenwriting Lessons From Hitchcock Movies entries…

    – Bill

  4. Stephanie Olivieri 12 years ago

    My blogs!



    (my pen name is Micheline, I have two novels published under this name and some shorts)

    Thanks Deb!

  5. Geoff 12 years ago

    Okay, my favorite writer’s blog that I don’t write:

    My blogs:
    http://www.ThatWouldBeMe.net – gently subversive ramblings of a best selling author

    http://www.TipsOnWriting.net/blog – post about writing and the writing process

    Oh, and of course, http://writeononline.com

    Of course.

  6. Cindi Ferrini 12 years ago

    My last blog was on PROCRASTINATING………..can you relate?

  7. Mary Ingmire 12 years ago

    Check out hollylisle.com

  8. Sumathi Mohan 12 years ago

    I share my blog on Script frenzy; SCRIPT FRENZY AND ME http://www.redroom.com/member/Elan

    I also spoke about the script and frenzy at blog talk radio, you will find mine as the last conversation


  9. Tina Haapala 12 years ago

    There are so many good ones! Besides WriteOn!Online, I like wow-womenonwriting.com, editorunleashed.com (and the forum), writersdigest.com (and forum)– and many of the ones mentioned above.

    My site, http://www.excuseeditor.com, attempts to help writers look at their writing blocks in a slightly different way, thereby viewing them into building blocks instead. My newsletter subscribers get a monthly up-to-date list of writing markets and contests looking for submissions– there are always more than 35 markets listed. A new one was just released yesterday, it has over 40.

    Thanks, Debra!

  10. Debra Eckerling 12 years ago

    From Kari Wolfe:


    Both of these sites have lots of great info for writers.
    … See More
    And then there’s mine 🙂

  11. Susan Doll 12 years ago

    Here’s my link to my blog articles on Turner Classic Movies. If you are a movie lover, please check it out.



  12. […] your website link—and see what other favorite writers and author sites/blogs are out there—on Writing Resources on Write On! […]

  13. […] your website link—and see what other favorite writers and author sites/blogs are out there—on Writing Resources on Write On! […]

  14. Lilo Weidinger 12 years ago

    As it says on the site, http://www.acappela.com is a “one-stop-shop for writers.” It’s got a lot of good info, and works with us writers from concept through publication and marketing. Could it get any better?


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