Thanks to everyone who entered the Write On! October Challenge – Tweeting Contest: “Describe Your Blog in 140 Characters or Less.” And, thanks, Rebecca Quinn, for choosing the winners!

And the winners are …

1st Place: Mari L McCarthyThe Journal Writing Blog shares Journaling for the Health of It ™ tips, ideas and inspiration with writers who want to transform their lives
(Prize: A medium-length (or 21,000 word) one-reader iScript)

2nd Place: Jared Shapiro – I Hate Superman: I can’t believe Lois left me for that blue-spandex-wearing-jerk. I’d avenge my ego, but how exactly can I hurt someone who is invincible?
(Prize: Taurus Entertainment’s House of the Wolf Man DVD)

3rd Place: Mike Morucci – Do I Amuse You? Humorous observations of topics and events I find entertaining, troubling or absurd. Think * Laugh * Share * Let it Go
(Prize: Revision Fairy Tales21 Writing Mistakes You Will Never Make Again by Stefanie Flaxman)



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