Every Friday, I post a new writing prompt aka Purple Pencil Adventure on my site for young writers. Since writing is a skill that can and should be developed at a young age, these writing exercises for kids of all ages are designed to inspire creativity. They also confirm my firm belief that ideas are everywhere.

Whether you have a kid, are a kid at heart, or just want a source for writing inspiration, please check it out!

Sample Purple Pencil Adventures:

Restaurant Adventure: Going out to eat this weekend? Why not try writing a Restaurant Review! It can be fast food, a picnic, or fine dining. Eat, enjoy, and then write about it. Be sure to include what you did or did not like about your dining experience: the food, the location, and the service.

Speaking Adventure: Write a short speech, just two to five minutes long, about something you that makes you happy. Remember, it should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. After you practice it a few times, give the speech to a friend or a parent. Even better, find a friend interested in writing a speech too, and then you can present to each other. The ability to communicate well, whether it is on paper or verbally, is a skill you will be able to use in school, at work, and throughout your life.

You Adventure: There are many things successful writers need: talent, opportunity, and an understanding of the craft. Something else all writers need is a bio. I realize it may be difficult to write about yourself. But try. You can always revise. A bio is something you will need to promote and sell yourself, so you may as well get started now.

Write a 300 word bio. Remember to include your background, education, and writing experience. Don’t have experience yet? You can always include a success story from a book report or creative writing assignment for school. Everything counts. And you are not going to be graded, so have fun!

Write On!

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