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  1. Tony Noland 11 years ago

    Published stories in several different anthologies, including http://chinesewhisperings.com/

    Finished NaNoWriMo & got a good first draft for a novel.

    Wrote & posted new fiction on my blog every week, saw my monthly visitor count quadruple by year’s end.

  2. David Cook 11 years ago

    Simply completing the first draft of a feature film script and getting good feedback on it!

  3. Heather Poucher 11 years ago

    Finally published a journal article as sole author http://nursing.advanceweb.com/ebook/magazine.aspx?EBK=NSG092010# (pgs 22-24)

  4. Kirsten Cliff 11 years ago

    Third place in the Katikati Haiku Contest 2010 🙂

  5. Rick Rapier 11 years ago

    Hey thanks for the open door to set aside humility and honk my horn!

    I was courted by two managers, was recommended to a third, and signed with a fourth. Came *this* close with one of them to a bidding war among several MAJOR prodcos, but mgr wouldn’t sign a fair and lawful agreement. I optioned a couple features, wrote a couple more, started a production company, wrote our business plan, and we’re about to take it out to investors. I also wrote a few short films, co-produced one of them (LATTE TROUBLE), am in pre-production on another, and have been invited to write yet another short for an upcoming festival competition. And I have a few scripts out being read by producers and one (thanks, Kim!) that is in the running at a major prodco.

    A good year, but I actually think 2011 will be even better!

  6. Heidi M. Thomas 11 years ago

    My second novel, Follow the Dream, was released! Ten years ago I never would’ve believed I’d have two books out! Working on the third in the series.
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  7. Debra Eckerling 11 years ago

    Way to go, everyone! Whoo hoo!

  8. Melody Lopez 11 years ago

    I had two interviews and one article published on three different websites. I sold my first article to an internationally distributed periodical and have another piece pending publication. As the lead of a writers group, (The Austin Cats!) both writers I successfully pitched the participate of two writers as panelist for the 2010 Austin Film Festival! My greatest achievement was this summer’s road trip. Both my girls had the time of their life when I was the solo driver from TX to NY and back. It was magical.

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  10. Congratulations, everyone! Wow. You guys are inspiring!

    I completed my first NaNoWriMo all while taking ScreenwritingU Pro Series classes, raising two teens, and running Scriptchat.

    But the biggest accomplishment was completing our adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Slavery by Another Name and pitching it to some pretty big players. We’re constantly tweaking it, but it’s a solid piece of work that I am very proud of. It was my black belt in writing.

    I was also recently a guest on Film Courage radio show talking about facing fears and finding the courage to be an artist in this crazy industry.

    Oh, and I got rejected by Sundance and bitchslapped by Redford. What a great year 🙂

  11. Anthony Schiavino 11 years ago

    2010 saw the beginning of my comic book graphic novel project Sergeant Zero. This is the first time writing as opposed to the graphic design aspect of comics which I’ve been doing for years.

    2010 also saw me landing my first agent, David Hale Smith who is a rock star. Right now we’re looking for a publisher so I’m hoping 2011 will make that happen.

    A HUGE accomplishment for me is the readers. I feel weird calling them fans but the people who have supported this book, the people who read it, are some of the greatest people I’ve met in years. Because you see most of them have never read comics. Ever. Which is just unheard of in the industry. Be it teenagers, seniors, housewives and everyone else…they also enjoy it. I look at my work much differently than anyone else. I think all creative types see their work differently. So when somebody says they liked it…well it’s humbling. Very humbling.

    Those readers, friendships (many of which come from Twitter’s #scriptchat), are very important to me. Okay I’ve said enough.

  12. P.I. Barrington 11 years ago

    2010 has been an astounding year for me! I finished (published) Books Two and Three of my Future Imperfect series w/last book Final Deceit out tomorrow; I co-authored a published mystery with my sister; and wrote a novella for the first book of my publisher’s sci fi Space Anthology, Borealis! And last, had a wonderful book launch party at Vroman’s Pasadena!It was all insane but wondefully so and I’m so thankful and feeling truly blessed! As Pink sings, “If someone had said three years from now…”
    Thanks to everyone for the incredible support, we can’t thank you enough!!

  13. P.I. Barrington 11 years ago

    Oh, and amazingly enough, I made it to #28 of Ron Knight’s list of the 50 most influential authors on FaceBook! How could I forget? Thanks Ron!!

  14. Warren Paul Glover 11 years ago

    Had several poems and short stories published in 2010, semi-finalist in the PAGE Awards and won the Screenwriter Showcase screenwriting contest with my first feature script. Also directed my second short film.

  15. Pamela Jaye Smith 11 years ago

    Thanks, Debra, for the opportunity to be here among all these accomplished creatives. CONGRATS to you all — looks like 2010 was quite a year.

    My 3rd book for Hollywood publishers Michael Wiese Prods came out last year to positive review – SYMBOLS.IMAGES.CODES The Secret Language of Meaning in Media. I’m currently working on two more for writers: SHOW ME THE LOVE and MYTH, MAGIC, MEGAPHYSICS for MEDIA MAKERS.

    I enjoyed speaking at a number of events, including at the Great American PitchFest and at the VisionLab for the Center for Conscsious Creativity in concert with the LA Opera’s Ring Cycle Arts Festival.

    Wishing you all a 2011 full of PLENTY of what you enjoy, adore, and desire.

    My goals – do more speaking, do more Personal Myth consultations, write and get out more fiction.

    Best regards, Pamela Jaye

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