The April Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio featured guest Pilar Alessandra, the director of the Los Angeles writing program “On the Page” and author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter.

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This is how Pilar Alessandra recommends writing a Quickie Outline: Write the logline. Expand into 4 paragraph synopsis. Elaborate with 8 sequence beat sheet. Add scenes. Done.

And here are her 3 Tips For Making The Most of Your Storytelling Time:

Scene: Keep yourself from overwriting by focusing on the main intentions of
your scene or event. Write toward the:
– Physical intention (what we have to see)
– Verbal intention (what has to be said)
– Emotional intention (how a character is going to feel because of the scene … or how the reader is going to feel)
– Story intention (how this scene or event moves the story forward).

Character: Don’t distract yourself with long biographies or backstory. Instead, think of one repeated behavior we read about or observe in the character. Call this your character’s “rule.” When character applies the rule,
it’s entertaining. When character breaks the rule, he’s usually changing.

Main Idea: Your logline, one-paragraph synopsis, or query letter speaks to the heart of your story hook or main idea. Make sure that you’re staying on point with your story by referring to it every once in a while.

Read Pilar Alessandra’s Author Q&A for The Coffee Break Screenwriter.

For more of Pilar’s tips, listen to the show.

Here are Pilar’s upcoming events:

Script Frenzy Day, Saturday, April 23, 12pm – 4pm
Chairs and desks for up to 25 people. Come in and write!
Pilar will be on hand to give a once-over to first pages and to help with any
story issues.

The Coffee Break Screenwriter, Thursday, May 12: 7pm – 10pm
Get your script “on the page” in three hours!

All events take place at On the Page Writers’ Studio: 13907 Ventura Blvd. Suite 101; Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (upstairs, left corner office). Sign up through:

* * *

Remember, post your Goals for May to be entered in a drawing to win an iscript.

Read the April Write On! Newsletter. Also, take part in the April Challenge Pilar’s book is one of four prizes from Michael Wiese Productions.

The next meeting will be on May 11 on Blog Talk Radio.

Happy Writing! Write On!

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