Tomorrow is April 30 … and the end of Your April Challenge. Did you participate in Script Frenzy? A Poem a Day Challenge? A challenge you created for yourself?

How’d you do? Please post in comments.

Four winners will be chosen at random to receive a book, thanks to Michael Wiese Productions.

Remember, the more times you post, the more chances you have to win. Everyone who reports on how he or she did will receive an extra entry in the drawing! Don’t be shy. Tell us how you did. Any success is still success.

Congratulations on completing Your April Challenge.


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  1. Colin Graham 11 years ago

    Hi Debra
    I did the poem-a-day and even managed to stay ahead of the game and schedule posts a couple of days in advance, now and again. I’m going to try it all again in October when we celebrate national poetry month in the UK.

  2. Cara Holman 11 years ago

    On the NaHaiWriMo front, I completed the challenge, sometimes even posting more than one haiku a day. In fact, I was invited to be the guest prompter for the month of May, as the enthusiasm for writing a haiku a day has apparently not yet abated 🙂

    I wasn’t quite as prolific this time around, with the Poetic Asides PAD challenge. I only had time to write to about half of the prompts. Still, I got some reasonable poetry out of it, and had fun, which is what counts!

  3. Beau 11 years ago

    I completed my first Script Frenzy! 101 pages in 30 days. With this new awareness of my potential for productivity, I truly feel like I can do anything.


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