What did FX ever do the Emmys?

Did someone from the network kick their cats or miss someone’s birthday or something? Because I can’t understand how the FX network continues to produce some of the best TV out there and not get recognized come awards time.

To wit: Sons of Anarchy? Zilch. How can you skip Katey Sagal?

Lights Out and Terriers? Two great shows that died before their time. But the Emmys ought to be about quality, not ratings.

The Shield? Rescue Me? Damages? Largely overlooked.

Sure, Justified has nominees in Best Actor (Timothy Olyphant), Supporting Actor (Walton Goggins) and Supporting Actress (Margo Martindale). But how can you have that much deserving talent, then skip Justified for Best Drama? It makes no sense.

Justified got what it did through sheer love from the critics and ratings—it was too popular NOT to nominate. But Sagal’s omission is the most glaring and underscores the basic problem with the Emmys: Overlooking the truly deserving—if outside the box choices—in order to nominate the same people over and over and over (ahem, Mariska Hargitay, ahem).

This isn’t the first time the Emmys stick with a safe pick over the truly deserving, and it certainly won’t be the last. But it remains frustrating.

And while FX isn’t the only network to get screwed—how can AMC’s Walking Dead also have missed out?—it seems to get the shaft most often, getting only the above nominations and one for Louis CK for his sitcom.

Look at the performances over the years associated with shows like Rescue Me and The Shield, and please explain why those shows get passed over.

It may not be personal, but it sure seems to be.

This year’s Emmy nominations were announced last week. For a list of those shows that made the cut, go to the Emmy’s website.



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