In honor of social media week, today’s Write On interview is with Sukhraj “Suki” Beasla, Eat Suki Eat, a social media addict, freelance writer and food blogger.

Beasla is a great example of someone who took her passion and started developing a blog around it.

What first inspired you to start writing?
I’ve been writing since an early age. I blame my grandfather. He was a poet and an avid reader. I wrote stories about my life on the farm in a diary, which evolved into an online diary about my life in college – and then later blogging.

Why did you create Eat Suki Eat? What makes your blog so successful?
The idea came to me in December while having takeout pizza. It became as a way to chronicle my way around the kitchen as I learn how to cook, but has no evolved into everything food. It’s not quite the success I want it to be yet, but one day I hope it really becomes something and a journey about food around the world. I would love to travel and eat.

How does someone become a food blogger?
Anyone can talk about their food journey. It’s one thing that doesn’t really require any … extensive background. If you love food, you can talk about it.

What is your process for deciding what to write/when/schedule?
I talk about everything involving food that inspires me. I share those stories when they come to me on a weekly basis.

What is your favorite part of being a blogger? The greatest challenge?
Sharing my experience and having others relate or comment. I love engaging the reader. The greatest challenge is drawing an audience but I think every blogger faces that in the beginning.

What are the biggest mistakes newbie bloggers make?
They aren’t consistent, they rush out a blog post, or they don’t really know what their blog is about.

And your recommendations for correcting them?
Before starting a blog, make it your priority. It doesn’t have to be your life, but make some time for it and really commit to your subject matter and your potential audience.

How important is it for bloggers to do video?
Video isn’t for everyone. It’s important, but if it doesn’t fit your strategy then you’ll be lost. Figure out what you’re doing and how you can incorporate it. I use video to demo what’s in the kitchen – success and failure.

Additional advice for bloggers?
Be passionate about what you’re doing and talking about. Engage your audience with the idea of you.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your blog?
To be consistent and have a clear message.



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