Happy Thanksgiving, Writers! I hope everyone had a meaningful holiday, filled with food, fun, and friends! Thanks to all of you for being part of the Write On! community. I feel very fortunate to know such a fabulous and diverse group of writers.

Today, on our Facebook Page, I asked: “What writing resource (app, tool, etc.) are you most thankful for this year?”

Here are some of your responses:

Feel free to add your answer in the comments: pen & paper.

Johnny Pappas: My pencil.

Gayle Balbach: im thankful for the ipad i got for christmas last year i love it.

Brande Ealy: My imagination. With it the possibilities are endless!

David Cook: Index cards app!

Mitch Rubman: Cbtl (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

Tiff’s EditingCafe: The sticky note!!!

Robin Chappell: I’m always thankful for Movie Magic Screenwriting Software! It’s helped me write so much.

What are you thankful for this year? Feel free to add your answer(s) in the comments. Write on! And Happy Holidays!



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