I really enjoyed leading the Artists on the Verge panel at last week’s Mediabistro Social Curation Summit. I met a lot of new people, saw online friends IRL, and learned from just about everyone. It was a great live case study of why it’s important to enhance online professional relationships with live events. It just increases your value and expands your circle: both essential in today’s virtual age.

Thanks to event director Stewart Quealy, my Mediabistro co-host Jason Boog, event coordinator Chiara DePaolo, and everyone at Mediabistro for the opportunity.

Also, thanks to my panelists: Jamie Berger, CEO, UnCovet; Kiate Moy, CEO and Founder of Access4Artists; Chris Murphy, Director of Social Media, DDB New York; Teal Newland, VP of Sales, StumbleUpon, and Nola Weinstein, Executive Editorial Director, Glam Media.

Since it was a social summit, here are some of my favorite tweets that were shared during the panel, which discussed ways artists and other creative people can use the social web to get their content out there … and to get noticed/discovered.

Calvin Lee ‏@mayhemstudios
Artist on Verge @WriteOnOnline @StumbleUpon @Jackk @tealn @RevChrisMurphy @NolaBeth @TAOA4A #SocialCurationSummit http://twitpic.com/blg6wk

JRW Social Media ‏@JRW_SocialMedia:
“Don’t run around, ‘Like me! Follow me!’ People who do that in real life don’t make friends.” – @revchrismurphy #socialcurationsummit

JRW Social Media ‏@JRW_SocialMedia
Artists should “have a love fest with their fans.” – @revchrismurphy #socialcurationsummit

Danielle Chazen ‏@dbchazen
If what you’re saying doesn’t tie back to you, your message, and brand, don’t talk about it, says @RevChrisMurphy. #SocialCurationSummit

PubMatic ‏@PubMatic
@glammedia’s @NolaBeth: be strategic about audience cultivation; too much is unsubstantive, and ppl know it. #socialcurationsummit.

@serena ‏@Serena
Want to grow your social presence? Reach out and speak to the people you are following and those following you #socialcurationsummit

SocialTimes ‏@SocialTimes
Interaction with fans is key. Interact with them and listen to their comments. #SocialCurationSummit

JRW Social Media ‏@JRW_SocialMedia
@JRW_SocialMedia: “We are always shocked at how artists under-value themselves.” – Jamie Berger, CEO, Uncovet

@serena ‏@Serena
ARTISTS – what is the top site this panel thinks you MUST be on? Pinterest #socialcurationsummit

SocialTimes ‏@SocialTimes
.@StumbleUpon is the No. 1 source of referral traffic for @GlamMedia, says @NolaBeth. #SocialCurationSummit.

@serena ‏@Serena
1 thing to do tomorrow to raise your profile: do a hashtag search + jump into a relevant conversation #socialcurationsummit

@serena ‏@Serena
Best prediction from the panel – if you aren’t thinking #Mobile, you are already late. #socialcurationsummit #moveoversocialmobileishere



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