Congratulations, Loren Kinsella, July winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions, for posting goals. Post August Goals below.

The July Write On Meeting will be Wednesday, July 10, at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT. Our guest will be “Daddy Blogger” Charlie Capen, How To Be A Dad, who is co-author of The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions. We’ll be talking books, blogging, and more. Post a question for Charlie, call in (646-381-4910), or listen onlineRSVP on Facebook. Hope you can join us!

Post Goals in the comments or on Facebook for your chance to win a book from Michael Wiese Productions. Thanks! Write On!

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Here are the goals posted over the last month. How did everyone do?

Stephanie Olivieri My July goal is to finish a new middle grade novel for Campnanowrimo!!

Tami Veldura I have a two-part goal this month: I have edits for Spring Tide that I need to go through. Then I have Serenity that needs a totally complete draft this month. The original due date was the 15th, but I’ll settle for this month.

S.T. Lynn My July goal is to get farther ahead of the curve on my fantasy serial on my blog. It posts every Monday and I have two weeks ready and scheduled. By the end of July I want to be 4 weeks or more ahead of the curve.

Alex Willging Get as close to writing 10,000 words in my new serial story as I possibly can.

John Bezpiaty Finish my current story and get it off to Analog or Asimov’s

Alex Willging Write approximately 5,000 more words in my story or finish its first act, whichever comes first.

Beth Davis Cato Resubmissions and read through my first novel feedback. Also, survive newspaper photographer’s visit today.

Mitch Rubman sell the script

Sarah Romero Get myself better organized for scheduling social media posts; and start blog post for EARLY so I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m on top of the assignment!

Alex Willging To work on the second episode of my proposed story for Kindle Serial.

Shanyn Silinski New poetry and new posts, as well as a reboot on my novels.

Watch the Writer Write Updating my list of journals/mags/sites to send short stories. If anyone has any suggestions, they are welcome.

Loren Kinsella write one page a day…

Alex Willging Finish the second episode of my story series and start on the third!

Blake Jamieson Chapter audit and go surfing!

Beth Davis Cato Work through these novel edits and start a full read through. Also, send out some short stories.

Gene Stewart I’m in process writer, not a goal oriented writer.

Tami Veldura Edits for Spring Tide and complete Serenity’s rough draft. Ready, go!

Loren Kinsella Write every day! Maybe this time I’ll actually succeed.


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  1. […] your August Goals on Write On Online or Facebook and be entered in a drawing to win a book from Michael Wiese […]

  2. […] your August Goals on Write On Online or Facebook and be entered in a drawing to win a book from Michael Wiese […]

  3. […] your August Goals on Write On Online or Facebook and be entered in a drawing to win a book from Michael Wiese […]

  4. S. T. Lynn 9 years ago

    Blah. I did not make my goal last month. I’m still only two weeks ahead on the serial.

    So let’s try it again. Goal for Aug: get 4 weeks ahead on the serial.

  5. Tami Veldura 9 years ago

    I got half my goal done! Edits are finished and sent to the publisher (yay!)

    But I’m only a bit further along in Serenity. That’s my goal this month, finish the story!

  6. J Tom Field 9 years ago

    Happy to have survived family in town in July. August: Finish at least two scripts of original sitcom that is finally gelling. Work on 48 hour film festival.

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