Thanks, Jon Cody, Founder and CEO of TV4 Entertainment, for being our guest on the October Write On Meeting on Blog Talk Radio. TV4E aggregates and curates video content into genre-specific channels and super-distributes those channels across the web and mobile. Jon is also one of the LA Leaders for Free Lunch Friday.

Some of Jon’s words of wisdom:

1. Quality Storytelling Matters. Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your story. Consider the number of episodes, the audience. Test formats and types of content too.

2. Authors and Non-fiction Writers, try Promotional Videos. It’s a great way to capture short attention spans. Always have a call to action.

3. Practice Video. Set up your camera – whether it’s a DSLR, webcam, or camera phone – and do up to 200 takes. Your video will improve with practice.

Listen to the entire show.

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