Hope everyone had a fun and productive August!

Congratulations, Emily Dills, the September winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions for posting goals. Post October Goals to be entered in next month’s drawing.

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Post October Goals in the comments or weekly goals on Facebook for your chance to win a book from Michael Wiese Productions. You can also post your September accomplishments. Thanks! Write On!

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Here are the goals posted in September. How did everyone do?

Robert Wright develop story for kids book

Daniel Escurel Occeno My goal for September is to find a way to go back writing with tech. I can write on notes of several paragraphs, but it will not transfer with a micro SD card or with a USB flash drive. I might invest in a new product because it is very important to me.

Bobbi Annicks Make a Confidentiality Agreement for MB and ask the Fiverr person about eBook formats. Draft Agreements for WS and DM for song rights and send. Make a to-do list for each project. Just get it onto paper, what needs be done. smile emoticon

Daniel Escurel Occeno To outline on scratch paper to help decide on which new novel to write on in November. Question: Which do you prefer? First person narrative or third person. Do you prefer past tense?

John BungalowBums Davidson I’m stuck at 46,000 words. My goal is to think of something else to write.

Lizzie Carroll This week I’m actually writing (and hopefully distributing!) my first newsletter for the other side of my business (I’m a birth doula and childbirth educator as well as a writer). Also planning to finalise the copy for a friend’s website (which I’m being paid for).

Sarah Myers To add another 2k to my WIP by Saturday night

Jeffrey Westhoff I have a couple of magazine articles due. After that I’d like to get back to my blog, which I’ve all but neglected since having surgery back in June.

Jessica Anne One chapter. At least just one, please Writing Gods, I beseech you. *offers sacrifice* New goal is 7,000 words in outlining and prose by Sunday evening!

Janette Osemwota 10,000 words but I’ve been falling behind. Closer to 7,000 this week I think.

Sarah Myers Continuing the writing freight train!!! Been an awesome writing MONTH!

Lizzie Carroll To get a blog piece written and to publish it that is for me! Instead of focusing on my writing for others constantly.

Adelina Vasile All I want this week is to get up earlier so I can have enough time to write everything I plan for the day. No more late writing nights… (So far, not so good)

Nita Collins Start the next chapter smile emoticon

Amanda Toomey The usual pay the bills stuff due for Friday. I’d also like to get a chapter done.

Sheebah Jeans finishing the book i been focusing on got some tym” my teen Life”

Lizzie Carroll I’ve named this week “writing week”. Aiming to write at least one article / blog / recipe every day as a part of working towards my goal of earning $200 this month with my writing.

Mark Meyer I have a Friday deadline for an issue of The Guide, along with various other editing projects. I have zero time for my personal writing this week.

Warren Paul Glover Finish a one-act play.

Alisha Vincent Take a break and read some new authors.

Emily Dills 1-2 chapters today. I write short chapters.

Sarah Myers I’m planning to crank out 1500 works by Saturday morning…. (hopefully I get that tonight but I have teenagers needing supervision, so…..)

Kate Morgan Recover 100 well crafted words about a post apocalyptic world and a woman with a robotic vagina.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I am trying to decide on whether to write a narrative for NaNoWriMo. But even though fiction I do not want to write I and I and I throughout the novel. So maybe in a watcher knowing all type narrative. Do you have a preference?

Ken Casey To help a couple of writers on facebook; to complete two short stories; to research links from a recent writer’s conference.

Robert Wright marketing just published book and writing the other two in work.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To mentally plan and plot my NaNoWriMo entry for November.

Rory Cole Book cover design and research book printers.

Sonya M MacLeod Write 500 words a day minimum.

Tonia Kobersy To write 250 words about time connection

Wayne Manigo Spend at least 30 minutes per day writing something to make myself laugh. It only needs to be funny to me!


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