It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year and set goals for 2016.

I recommend setting one to three personal and one to three over-arching professional goals at the start of every year. It’s important to know what you are working towards, and to look at your goals regularly. Post your list of goals wherever you look the most frequently, like on your mobile phone wallpaper, by your computer or on the fridge.

Your goals can change during the course of the year, so feel free to re-assess them every one to three months.

And for more motivation, as well as regular weekly goals, check out the Guided Goals Podcast on Write On’s companion site The podcast is a series of expert interviews, designed to help people pursue their passion projects. Watch on YouTubelisten, and subscribe on iTunes, or listen on Stitcher.

Please post your Accomplishments for 2015 and Goals for 2016 in the comment section below.

Good job this year, best of luck, and Happy New Year!



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