Congratulations, Lois Paige Simenson, the May winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions for posting goals. Post June Goals (or goals during the month of June) to be entered in next month’s drawing.

May 30: Deadline to send in a 2-3 line news item or event for the May Newsletter to Or submit here.

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Post June Goals in the comments or weekly goals on Facebook for your chance to win a book from Michael Wiese Productions. You can also post your May accomplishments. Thanks! Write On!

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Here are the goals posted in May. How did everyone do?

Elisa My main goal for May is to stop procrastinating and start writing. Since I seem to be having trouble, a smart goal would be to write (at least) 500 words (at least) 2x per week for the entire month of May.

Daniel My goal is to self-publish eBook novels at eBook store.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue editing on my novel and write short stories when I get bored.

Beth McGee Record my entire audio book. Edit and upload a first video to our youtube channel. Enjoy Mother’s day. You?

Lois Paige Simenson To receive my writers’ group critique without getting defensive this time.

Christina Schaefer To complete my first draft before my kids get out of school for the summer.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Edit if I can. Write a short story if my mind wants to create something new instead of read and add.

Beth McGee Vacation at the beach. Racing. Outlet mall shopping. smile emoticon

Manda Rydberg Get the first draft written for this short story

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same thing as last week. Try to edit my novel and write short stories when I get bored.

Amy Carlton Collen Lot of transcribing to get done this week. Also working on getting my website up and organized smile emoticon.

Mike Gingerich Chapter 2 done

Lois Paige Simenson Big Goal: Have my writing published in Alaska Magazine. Goal for the week: Finish my paid writing assignment for them! May not sound like a big deal, but it’s HUGE for me in building my credentials as a regional writer in Alaska. Dreamed of being published in this mag since being a teenager, and now it is actually happening smile emoticon

Alisha Vincent Finish a short story for an anthology.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Back in January – I considered being an indie writer and publisher, just to look into it. Some of the most successful writers in the world printed their own novels and sold them one-by-one and door-to-door from the trunk of their automobile before a big time traditional publishing house gave them a chance. I cannot afford to print, but I will do exploratory on what I am capable of doing. The object of course is to be known as a writer. Then somebody might pay for your works.

Amy Carlton Collen Work on my book proposal a little bit each work day no matter how much I doubt myself. Continue to transcribe. Do 1 blog entry this week.

Sweet Van Loan Finishing Ep. 5 of The Raven Script and the 2nd Novel

Joe Giambrone Annoy agents N-Z.

Amy Carlton Collen Always transcribing, gathering more folks to interview so I have enough material for my sample chapters. I still need to do a blog entry.

Hayley Dory Glasson More scene planning on first fiction novel

AlfioandTiffany Sciacca Finish at least 3 of the 4 poems sitting on my screen.

John BungalowBums Davidson To get a reply from the publisher.

Beverly Clark Map things out and structure thought process

Emily Dills Self pub this week

Daniel Escurel Occeno I have 3 short stories for children on Amazon eBook store and to add to it.



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