Ready to disrupt? Check out my interview with Jay Samit on disruption on Write On Online’s companion site Guided Goals.

Serial entrepreneur and bestselling authorJay SamitDisrupt You!, is a digital media innovator who has pioneered advancements in content distribution, social media, and ecommerce that are enjoyed by billions daily.

Jay shares his background, offers a great exercise on how to discover what idea to pursue, and more.


Professional Goal of the Week #1: Come up with three problems a day for a month, and write them down.

Professional Goal of the Week #2: Find users of what you are trying to do and start getting them as advisers to tell you of what you are doing what does and doesn’t make sense.

BONUS: Reach out to Jay on Twitter @JaySamit or his website, and he will send you the 40-page workbook that goes with Disrupt You!

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The Guided Goals Podcast is hosted by Debra Eckerling, the creator of Write On Online. It is a series of interviews that offer tools, direction, and resources to help you pursue your passion project.


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