We had a small, but lively, group this afternoon at Peet’s. Lots of information was exchanged, and a fair amount of caffeine was consumed. And I couldn’t resist one of their peanut butter cookies.

The purpose of the monthly hangouts is to step away from the computer, share accomplishments, set goals, troubleshoot issues, and see in what ways we can help each other. This month’s was no exception. And it felt like everyone was ready for their challenging summer to be over and launch into a productive fall.

Larissa returned from her travels ready to edit and table read her latest screenplay, Greg transitioned from screenwriting to novel writing, and Michele, after winning her battle with Adobe for her Creative Cloud access (their fault), was preparing to sink her teeth into her next creative project.

Over the weekend, Dennis and pals launched the Taco Truck Party, which is already amassing Facebook fans and getting some great press, Arlene has been making progress on her organizational project, and Evan has been writing consistently. You may not know there people, but, let me tell you, those are some nice wins!

Shannon, who is doing the opening reading for the Half-Breed event on September 29 at The Last Bookstore in LA, gets this month’s lightbulb award for best idea/meeting takeaway. She came up with a great way to capitalize on her niche. Get ready for the (not) Mixed (up) newsletter.

As for me: my blogging book is approaching the finish line, will be to my editor for his review this week, and published before the next meeting. It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to share it.

Two more things:

The deadline to apply to speak at the 2016 #140conf is next Friday, September 29.  The event is at The Crest in Westwood on November 14.

The next hangout will be on October 5 at Peet’s. RSVP on Facebook. Hope to see some of you there.

What projects are you working on? Any big wins this month? Share in the comments.

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