2016 #140conf

I am thrilled to co-host the 2016 #140conf with my friend Jeff Pulver in Los Angeles on November 14th.

I first met Jeff back in 2010, when he was doing a pre-conference event at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. On stage, Jeff talked about how, as he was growing up, he used Ham radio to connect with people around the world. (Talk about pre-cursor to the digital age, huh?) When I met Jeff, I told him I had friends in high school who did Ham radio and, although I was not in the club, I would hang out there. I also said, that means if we went to high school together we would have definitely been friends. We have been friends ever since.

That fall, I led my first writer panel at the #140confla and one in New York the following spring.

The #140conf events provide a platform to listen, connect, share, and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the real-time internet on business. While the name #140conf comes from the 140 characters in a tweet, social media has evolved so much since then.

The thing I love about #140conf is you get the opportunity to meet and connect with so many people from different backgrounds and experiences. The sessions are short (10 minute talks mixed with a few 15-minute panel discussions) and are preceded and followed by networking.

Yes, we love technology. It’s a great way to continue conversations. But, meeting people in real life, is a great way to start them.

We will be adding a few more speakers and surprises, but the currently confirmed speakers for the 2016 #140conf include:

Ala Shiban (@AlaShiban – Technical PM, Microsoft) Opening and Closing the Loop: How Mindfulness and Being Present Look in the Enterprise
Andia Winslow (@AndiaWinslow – Founder, The Fit Cycle) How Body Made Voice
Andy Schroepfer (@shrepfur – CEO, Adestinn) Losing 30# and Vacationing
Anne Berube (@anneberube – Author) Be Feel Think Do
Ash Kumra (@AshKumra – Co-Founder, Youngry) The Movement Economy – How to Create a Movement and Why the Economy is Moving this Way.
Dave Bjork (@bjork5 – Cancer Research Evangelist, National Foundation for Cancer Research) How I Became the #CancerResearchEvangelist
Dave Johnson (@DaveJoh – Editor-in-Chief, Techwalla) What I Learned from Becoming a Serial Podcaster
Devon Glover (@TheSonnetManNYC – Hip Hop Artist) How Shakespeare and Hip-Hop Changed my Life
Eric Greenspan (@EricGreenspan – Chief Clever Officer, 74 Systems) How Children Survive Your Failure(s) and Thrive
Eric Weaver (@Weave – Co-Founder, Precog Digital) The Five Horseman of Digital Disruption
Frank Neill (@FrankNeill – VP Content Marketing, Realtime Media) Zen Selling
Gigi Peterkin (@gigi_peterkin – CEO, Smart Solutions) Depression: The Serial Killer Inside My Head
Jeff Pulver (@JeffPulver – Founder, #140conf/State of Now) Remember to Breathe
Jennifer Halweil (@JennAndBeyond – Filmmaker) Beyond the Boundary: Shifting the Focus of How Women are Portrayed in STEM
Jessica Northey & Billy Shaw Jr (@JessicaNorthey – #cmchat & @BillyShawJr. – Musician) Everything I Know About Social Media I Learned From Country Music
Karen Putz (@AgelessPassions – Chief of Passion) Unwrapping Your Passion at Any Age
Linda Kandel (@LindaKandel – Business Consultant) The Time the Flight was Delayed
Liz Strauss (@LizStrauss – Author) Change Your Story, Change Your Life
Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier – Author) How #140conf Personalized Social Media
Michele Meiche (@MicheleMeiche – Author, Meditation for Everyday Living) How Technology and Social Media are part of Spiritual Awakening and Soul Consciousness
Marina Yanay-Triner (@soulintheraw – Health Food Coach) Heal and Get Empowered Through Raw Food
Ori Bengal (@TheArtOfOri – Artist) The Art of New Beginnings
Philippe Coudoux (@PostureGuide – Founder) From Pain to Conscious Health
Pierre-Jean Hanard (@pjhanard – Co-Founder, SHAREPA) 3 Easy Steps to Reach the Heart of Potential Investors
Robert Rosenthal (@ShortOrderDad – Author) Redefining Fatherhood Through Food
Stacey Soleil (@StaceySoleil – Director of Community, RE/MAX CORNERSTONE) What’s a Referral Really Worth?
Zoe Muntaner (@thesantamonica1 – Founder, Diversity Matters) Does Diversity Matter?


Entrepreneurs Creating Community through Social Media – Lori Moreno (@LoriMoreno – AmbassadorsVIP.com) (moderator) with Lori McNee(@lorimcneeartist – Fine Artist)

The Influencer Marketing DebateVictoria Mendoza(@fasshonaburu – Digital Marketing Executive, Comedy.com) (moderator) with Jeremy Pepper (@jspepper – Consultant) and Lindsay Mauch (@LTSurf – LTM Digital)

Writer Panel Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline – Founder, Write On Online) (moderator) with Scott Huver (@TheHuve – Entertainment Journalist) and Amy Friedman(@kellsmom – Author/Executive Director of POPS the Club)

And … Table hosts: Adam Bell (@dataTV – Designer), Adam Leipzig (@adamleipzig – Entertainment Media Partners), Bob Choat (@BobChoat – MindHackAcademy.tv), Jennifer Friel(@JenFriel – Dropin, inc), Julie Spira (@JulieSpira – Cyber-Dating Expert), Liz H Kelly (@LizHKelly – GoodyPR),Ryan Williams (@RyanJWill – The Influencer Economy), Terri Nakamura(@TerriNakamura – Designer), and Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock – SMTM Digital).

Hope to see you at The Crest November 14. In the meantime, check out the Eventbrite page, join the Facebook event and start following speakers on Twitter.



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