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Here are goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in July.

Ana Ramirez My goal is to write a short story the title is The Power of a Loving Heart

Ann Wilmer-Lasky This week I’m gathering 100 of my Haiku for the second chapbook in my series. Maybe by posting this, I’ll actually do it!

J Blair Brown Brainstorming to develop a writers conference for spring!

Rosemary Bointon This week I’m back in the UK for MIL’s 100th birthday celebrations – so my goal is to have a really good time!

Susan Mihalic Rewriting another chapter. My goal is to make headway.

Marilyn Anderson Trying to fill out forms to register with a Speaker Service. Trying to set up a new book signing for How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short. And submitting screenplays to companies and working out deets to develop TV series ideas. Lots going on. Plus trying to sell books!

Lorinna Hastings This week is full of family drama for me so I do not expect to achieve much: Make corrections to my first draft of my children’s story, rework several paragraphs, re read and flesh out a few specific paragraphs and recheck the minor characters voice.

Pierre-James Murphy Forget about goals and see where progress takes me

Daniel Escurel Occeno To plot and to plan self-publishing my already written fictional novels. I have six ready to go. Hopefully I get one at least finished before National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo in November.

Lois Paige Simenson Finish revising 1st 10 pages after tossing first chapter. Finish synopsis and QL, submit to writers conf review, by deadline this week

Sandra de Helen Goals for the week of July 16: Write a new essay or two. Or three. I’m two weeks behind on my essay a week for 2017.

Carol Hink Writing a marketing plan for meeting on Friday

Carolyn Howard-Johnson I need to redirect the final steps in updating my book The Frugal Book Promoter to prepare and pack for a presentation for @SPAWN and IWOSC Independent Writers of Southern California members tomorrow (Wed) night. Sometimes immediate needs are more important than the overtime goals!

Lois Paige Simenson Sent my first novel page for a critique to James Scott Bell’s Kill Zone. Received a great critique back! Basically I need to regroup and begin the novel differently. Too cliche, for one thing. My goal is figure out what to do. Here’s the critique for anyone interested in how they do it.

Karl Sander Added a new dimension to the blog on my webpage (one that’s consistent with a niche I’m strongly considering exploring: travel/outdoors), and picked up another project from my clients that will technically have my writing ‘in the black’ after just under 2 months.

Beth McGee 5k words in my WIP and a fundraising appeal letter for a NPO I work with.

Keianna Johnson I will finish writing a few blog post….I am a little behind.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I am back preparing “Fire Extinguisher Man!” a 50K+ words novel but I also have four short stories for kids to self-publish into an eBook.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper I haven’t written in over a week due to being out of the country on a missions trip. This week I plan to work on my blog and write some of my book.

Audrey Paulduro Time to get busy and work on my virtual assistant business.

Liza G Schneider Right for 2 to 3 hours every day.

Keianna Johnson I am planning to write for 3 additional hours this week.

Emelyn Gapasin Mauricio Edit some write-ups and be ready for my editor’s criticism.

Stacy A. Alderman Submit my short story to a contest and write for at least as hour each day.

Lois Paige Simenson Again revise first 10 pages for manuscript review submission deadline of July 30th.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To self-publish Miguel the Water Buffalo and if I have time Sister Yardstick.

Susan Mihalic Rewrite the next chapter.

Alisha Vincent Write 6,000 words on my wip.

Erika Heald I need to write the scripts for my Skillshare class.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Complete and publish a blog post and evaluate my “why”, which will help me refine my brand. Need to focus in and be specific and purposeful to increase my platform.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Self-publish The Little Lady Angel. Athena has to prevent a war between the trolls and the midgets.

Beth McGee Make it to 15k words in this book that I’ve put another book aside to write. When I do, ask my friend who understands the topic very well to read what I have so far and tell me if I’m hitting the heart and mind in all the ways I intend with it. If she says yes, I will carry on with this project and hold off on the other. I hope to reach 15k by the end of this week, providing I don’t sabotage my goal with life.

Warren Paul Glover Make some progress on the screenplay I’m writing and submit some plays.

Pierre-James Murphy Work on my huge painting, book more bookings for my rentals company, receive more updates with my app in development, read ‘scriptshadow secret’s again.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I aim to write a scene list for my new WIP.

Cody Martin 100 words a day every day.

Joe Giambrone Survive another week in Trumpistan.

Sarah Myers To get another handwritten chapter transcribed!

Shona Botes Surviving

Sue Stella 500 words a day five days a week

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue self-publishing as many of my previously written short stories and set up my first self-published novel.



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