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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in March.

Pam Martin Outline first book of new series, continue revisions of WIP from other series, 2 product descriptions, blog posts for two blogs, FB posts for two pages

Daniel Escurel Occeno The same thing as the previous weeks or months. It will get done. Body fever from insect bites are now traveling worms for inflammation. The medical profession calls it arthritis all over the body. Livable. The mind is mush however.

Sean McGuckin I’ve gotta edit this, but I feel like I’m abusing a newborn child doing so. Idk what to do.

Laura Denise Peterson-Phillips Find someone trustworthy to keep my books.

Alisha Vincent Finish rough draft of my novella.

P.J. Marino Finish first draft of my new sci-fi 1hr comedy TV pilot.

Bill Kelly If I can do another two to three thousand words, I’ll be fairly satisfied.

Mary Hill 10 pages a day for the next 10 weeks

Erin R. Smith Working on a fanfiction story to get myself going on my personal narrative essay.

Adam Renfro I’m editing 10 pages a day. This is my second full edit of the novel I’m writing. Here’s my editing process:
1. I edit 10 pages online (it’s in Google docs right now).
2. I print those 10 pages and edit the printed document. It’s amazing what I miss while editing digitally.
3. I then run those 10 pages through Grammarly.
4. I burn my degrees in English and writing because I’m obviously a fraud, a feckless imposter, a Thesaurus-using charlatan.

Karen Clark To finally upload my book Singing In Silence to IngramSpark!

Amy Saruwatari To write!

Ian Elliott Stop smoking.

Jamall Anderson Promote Promote Promote!

Marisa Cali Finish my outline for an in-person workshop on 4/19

Lyzz Heather Working on a project!

Lois Paige Simenson Reduce my 7-page novel synopsis to 3 pages. Write and practice my pitch for 2 novels in prep for Erma Bombeck Humor Workshop weekend after next.

Sandra de Helen I wrote my goals for the week early this morning, then accomplished both things. But I also received two rejections today, and sent out two submissions. Therefore, I add another goal: write a new essay, and revised a few poems.

Alan Paine Make final draft of poetry chapbook.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Make a list of 20 prospects to reach out to for the month of April.

Sandra Muller Getting to 30K words

Kendra Losee Edit and post at least one of the three blog drafts I wrote over the weekend!

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Not sure if I’ll make it, but laying out what to do, post and plan for the entire Q2 of the year!

Pam Martin Two short (150 words each) product descriptions, final (I hope!) revisions to ghostwritten novel — those are actually TODAY’S goals; 3 longer articles (600+ words) and first-round revisions to my own novel.Oh, and outlines for two novels — the second in one series and the first in another!

Lois Paige Simenson Write a synopsis for my novel. Revise Chapter 2, submit to editor next weekend.

Joe Giambrone To win the Sundial Festival for best documentary, or conversely audience choice.

Isobel Duncan finish my friend’s present which is over due by two years

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Use what will likely be a snow day tomorrow to snuggle with my kids and write.

Pam Bartlett Martin Recovering from an injury and sitting is hard going to pen and paper. Maybe a short story or poems. Pain makes the mind work different so not sure what will happen.

Rachel Lucio Get out at least three queries

Cailin Cribbin 5k words on new novel for Monday x

Erin R. Smith Working on a personal essay.

Gary S. Hart Finish my outline.

Pam Bartlett Martin So resting but did lots of writing!!!

Daniel Escurel Occeno I was able to proofread some. Taking a little break. To finish proofreading in order to finalize into an ebook for

Sylvia Schneider 1. Journal my way to clarity
2. Prep my books for GST payments due to the CRA by the end of March
3. Prep our next podcast episode

Louise Masin Sattler My goal this week is to help find podcasters/ bloggers that want to interview a client, who is a an accomplished writer and has a new book being released on April 10th- Dear Martha WTF? Tricia LaVoice wrote the book as a follow-up to her WISHES series.

Jonathan Lazar Finish hand revisions for my next fantasy novel. And get the prequel novella out for sale.

Rosemary Bointon Keep on writing every day and get some more shares for my last article by reaching out (so hard to do!)

April Presnell To finish chapter 9 of my novel

Daniel Escurel Occeno I am sold even more about self-publishing so I will go back finalizing my already written fictional novels. That free Wi-Fi of the national government helped.

Lois Paige Simenson Resume revision. Make a list of all my passes. Making first pass now to get rid of saids and minimize names when in deep POV.

Kristen Tsetsi Convince the local coffee house to host a reading.

Shannon Nicole Johnson To write two little scenes that have been hanging out in my head

Michael Scott To finish a scene…one scene. Just one.

Rebecca Charlton McCulloch Finish edits on 2nd edition of first novel

Isobel Duncan finish at least 9 more pages for my competition.

Victoria Bracken Continue writing

Lopez Melody by Friday, I hope to share my step outline with my accountability partner – even if it is not complete

Lance Schukies edit 2 chapters (10,000 words)

Daniel Escurel Occeno Although it is Thursday at 3:13 A.M. here at Gubat, Philippines hopefully I can go back to finalizing my already written novels for self-publication on ebooks.

Sandra de Helen Continue working on the play/playwright essay. Submit PR re May event to local newspaper.

Marisa Cali Complete two proposals and draft my next blog post.

Jon Duckworth Work through online folders to organize notes

April Nicholson Working on Blog posts.

Ann Marie McGrath To learn more about how to write my own story.

Larissa Merriman Cull footage from the film assembly until I’m at least to the 7 minute mark, have a first draft of the film finance plan for the feature and submit 2 grant applications for the documentary proposal. (And finish another draft.) I have a lot to do in March. Ouch.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue proofreading my suspense thriller at the distant future.

Lyzz Heather Kickstarter stuff and to catch up on Online Courses for Digital Marketing (Main goals)

Jon Duckworth Prepare something to post on blog.

Shannon Marie Survive my 9-5!

Lyzz Heather Kickstarter, Online course, and some personal writings!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To self-publish “FIRE EXTINGUISHER MAN!” on ebook for Amazon. Afterward start proofreading COVERT OPERATIVE FOR PRESIDENTS.

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