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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in June.

Daniel Escurel Occeno For the month of May – I will proofread my already written novel Covert Operative For Presidents.

Joe Giambrone Endure the collapse of civilization and the end of the Enlightenment.

Pam Martin Outline Book 2 of one series and Book 1 of the other. (I have fairly detailed character sketches and a map of the square where most of the action will occur for the second series, along with the first chapter — just no idea who the perp is or why!) I also need to research more potential clients.

Karen Sparkowich On my novel I want to edit chapters 13-15; on my WIP, I want to catch up to the original (wrote 11 chapters 10 years ago, then set it aside, and now starting over haha). And to overbook myself, I want to also work on my OTHER WIP haha…. I have ADD, and it shows in my writing…

Lois Paige Simenson Revise Chapter 4 and finish edits on first 3 chapters, to get ready for my critique group.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To find away to go back self-publishing on ebook. I might have to exercise. Vitamin supplements did not help.

Mary John Write my last scene in my play.

Claire Kane To make it to the end

E.M. Shue 7k in my current WIP

Sandra de Helen Get through rehearsals and the performance. Daydream about the new play. What might it be? Magically find a nylon stringed classical guitar for myself.

David Watson Reading The Engineering of Story by Larry Brooks and infusing into TV show pitch.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Since I missed #GoalChat this weekend I am so lost! Maybe by tomorrow I’ll get my self together.

Sandra Muller Really small goal this week – write one blog post. I am getting hammered by project work at the moment. Even one blog post feels like a stretch!

April Bing Hello everyone! My goal has been to post weekly. I’m almost there but I’m still working on consistency. Right now, I’m fighting a cold but this morning was able to draft out multiple articles while lounging in bed. I’m happy about that. One baby step at a time

E.M. Shue I’m going to say only 4k this week cause I have a cover reveal on Thursday I’m prepping for.

Jonathan Lazar Working on outlining my sword and planet novella, to get it ready to submit in July to Tor Publishing. While I wait for my Beta Readers to get back to me with their notes on my Fantasy book.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Plan out my blog series on stewardship for the next 5 weeks. Work at least 2 hours on my freelance project in the midst of Mother’s Day weekend and full time job.

Lois Paige Simenson My favorite part of this is reading everyone else’s goals! Revise chapters 5&6 of WIP. And to chill when I receive my 20-page critique of dark moment scene in writing retreat this weekend 🤠

Waqas Dogar Be a grammar nerd!

Sara Preston I had a weekly goal of 4K, but I surpassed that yesterday with 5380 words written then and I wrote 3819 words today already! I’m on a roll, guess I need to make another goal.

J Blair Brown Strategizing for a former client in the entertainment industry. Really exciting projects coming up!

Pam Martin Squeeze in as much personal writing as possible, because I have a client project starting next week. I want to get the synopsis for the second in one series and a planning sheet (victim, suspects, etc.) for the first in a new series by the end of the week.

Pam Bartlett Martin Too much going on to write been a rough week so far. It can only get better. I hope.

Ricky Guilliams Complete chapter two of my story. Chapter one needs revised heavily but I’m going ahead to chapter two for inspirations sake.

Kindra Silk Kreislers Read and write Mon-Fri during my daughter’s nap.

Beverly Clark My goal is to piece together the parts into chapters

Kristy Wagner I’m working on a sequel to my last short story. I’d like to get the first draft half-done this week.

Beth Ostrov Feldman Work on future blog ideas for my company!

Erin R. Smith Working on my writing grant

Ricky Guilliams Complete one chapter of my comic.

Shelly Meyer My goal for this weekend, and into next week, is to finish writing chapter two. I have a couple of publishers interested and I need to get moving on this book.

Holly Chessman Review the first draft of my book and find out if it makes any sense.

April Bing So what’s my goals for this week? Funny you should ask. I spent the morning working on BRANDING> So there will be more of that this week. And, I’m working on an editorial calendar

Alyson Hopkins Write an ode to my mom for Mother’s Day. She passed away 6 years ago this July

David Watson Finish Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, and draft a central driving question for a story!

Sandra de Helen Two major projects: next poetry collection, and judging a fiction contest. Goal is to make significant progress on each.

Jon Duckworth Removing “unnecessary” words while editing first draft short stories .

Sandra de Helen Revise two poems, write two new pages on the play, judge two stories.

Daniel Escurel Occeno During stagnant periods in my efforts I do what is more easy or simple to do. I am considering self-publishing short stories in ebooks instead of full-length novels. It is just to keep moving forward.

Erin R. Smith Working on a writing grant, and acting class, tomorrow and thursday.

Tiffany Hall Post 3 parts on Wattpad. Work in a script.

Lois Paige Simenson Keep plugging at novel revision, Chapters 8 & 9 hopefully.

Diane Williams Finish a script critique before I have neck surgery tomorrow.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Submit my first paid article to a tea website and finish the chapters for the curriculum I’m writing for a client. Plus my teacher duties also! Whew!

Vivienne Bretherick I’m working on a creative nonfiction piece that I want to get finished and sent out. I keep changing the structure, adding and removing whole paragraphs, so I’m not sure how close I am. If I focus on it this week I know I can get it done.

Lois Paige Simenson Revise/rewrite Chapters 6 & 7. I’m back with my critter homies this week, so revision will go much faster!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To plot and plan my novel Wine Merchant. I decided to write it for traditional publishing. It will start for NaNoWriMo during November. I also decided to write it of 5,000 words per chapter of 150,000 words novel.

J Blair Brown Developing an online course!

Sandra de Helen Do as much of the fiction judging as I possibly can. Complete the blog site by loading the new header, and a few reviews. Start work on the new play I dreamed up (literally dreamed it).

Carol McLaine Wake up every day. Smile a bit. Do something productive and go to sleep at a reasonable time, so I can do the same the next day.

Jeff Kaliss Figure out how to attend a gala for a website I write for and a release party for a literary magazine I appear in, on the same evening.

Terry Hiner Get ARCs delivered to three local bookstores. Mail ARCs to possible reviewers. Make a plan to get ARCs to bookstores across the state – San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Marfa- personal visit or mail drop?

Anne Winchester Reviewing/editing two short stories for competition.

Ricky Guilliams Complete chapter two and get yet another character profile completed for my artist

Lois Paige Simenson OMG where did the week go? Seems like I just did this yesterday. I won a first page critique from Becca Puglisi of The Emotional Thesaurus series. I’d revised some 40 times and still wasn’t satisfied. She helped immensely, saying I only had tweaking to do, but had nailed starting in the middle of high action. So will revise Chapter 1 again based on her edits 🙂

E.M. Shue Okay seeing as I’ve been avoiding this because of life and blocks I’ll do it now. I’m only going to say 1k for this week. But I might change it tomorrow. I’m doing office stuff today and writing tomorrow. All the marketing gets in the way of my writing so I need to learn to focus it more.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To ready HEIGHT OF BOYS for the month of June. It is the novel, which I plan, on finishing for my monthly goal. I wrote most of it except the ending.

Brian Leggett Well I am trying to finish my video editing project which is obviously not writing related.

Janet Gervers Launching Patreon page for my blog Abbot Kinney First Fridays

Aadip Desai Finish a spec, apply to three TV fellowships, and find a nanny.

Sandra de Helen Finish the judging. Work on the new play. Apply for a fellowship.

Susan Valot Since I’ve had three weeks of working 50+ hours and yesterday and Sunday were my first days off in a month, my only goal this week is to finish grading stuff for two classes and get grades in. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Paula Schlehmeier Wilson I try to write daily but my goal for this week is two blog entries submitted!

Amy Houston I will continue to read over the first draft of my novel so I can assess the flow, make some corrections and move forward toward completion. I’m a single mom, so a good portion of it was written on short breaks at work.



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