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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in July.

J Blair Brown Lining up my first month of blog topics. Soooo excited! My digital agency is soon to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Christina Alexandra Words in the page. I’m aiming for 1000, but I’ll be happy with anything! #doldrums

Daniel Escurel Occeno To finalize my new ebook covers and to make those “live” for sale on Amazon ebookstore.

Erin R. Smith Working on characters, and how to create diverse characters.

E.M. Shue I’m back and writing. 8k this week.

Pam Martin One client blog post, one buying guide, the chapter synopses from last week (my computer “ate” them), and at least 2 chapters of the WIP.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Plan my summer by blocking off research time, writing time, and fun time.

Sarah Myers Realized today I started research on a new project. Goal: to get back to working on said project since no intern job days this week.

Sandra de Helen Work on one of the two essays I’ve started. Write a complete packing list for my first road trip in my new car. (I leave next Tuesday.) Begin the creation of a recording studio in my home.

Pam Martin Finish chapter synopses for a new book. Write at least one chapter in my WIP. Decide whether to apply for an open-world/sandbox series opportunity. Enjoy the rain.

Erin R. Smith Writing my outlines for the first chapter of my book, and to write a fanfiction story.

Destiny Pifer Started writing a romance story for an anthology. The key is being able to do it with my ten year old bothering me so thankfully he is going to Bible School during the evenings this week so that

Ashlee Nicole McKenna Find the physical copy of my first draft so I can complete my second draft.

Karen Sparkowich Continue typing up the 40+ page ive got to type up. I think I got 6 typed up last week!

Pam Bartlett Martin Rewriting my book in first person with parallel chapters in third person. Help!

Isobel Duncan Finish my assessment and stop thinking about what’s going to happen in SW Ep.9

Daniel Escurel Occeno To finalize the new covers of the 24 ebooks to make it “live”.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper My goal is to learn as much as I can at a writers’ conference over the next five days.

Jon Duckworth After 12K words for my current WIP, the body of the beautiful countess has been found, but the count’s body is missing. The rooms on the first floor of the estate are covered with blood spatter–a scene of carnage. On the second floor, a hatchet is found neat a busted trunk. The mayor worries about the reputation of his small town, and the officials started gathering the “usual” suspects. My goal is to develop the story further. The game is afoot.

Sandra de Helen Finish reading a poetry book or two. Write a new review of a poetry book and post it on the new website. Create and polish my presentation for the Writers Guild, which happens June 25th. Continue the car search. Also print off and mail a copy of my ARC to famous poet to blurb.

Candy Neely Arrington Submit a teaching proposal for a 2019 writers’ conference.

Pam Martin I have to finish a lesson plan on the Enlightenment by EOB tomorrow, to make small revisions to one about opposition movements. After that, I want to finish at least a couple of chapters in on ovel (I’ve postponed the other to July, as a Camp NaNoWriMo project.) I know it’s totally “do-able,” but I still feel like I’m drowning today! Hopefully, a cup of coffee will help with that.

Karen Sparkowich To find time to type up what I’ve hand written haha!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To finalize the new ebook covers for those already self-published. Then self-publish some of my stories “live” with the new cover. Work on Height of Boys when possible.

Kathryn Lang My writing goal for this week is to write 10,000 words!

Destiny Pifer To begin writing the romance novel that is in my head.

Robin Lerch Establish goal. That is my goal.

Danielle Jones 6000 words and more on my outline.

Erin R. Smith Working on character outlines/profiles.

Robbin Lewis-Hurley My goal this week is to finish the first draft on the parenting manual I’m writing.

Savannah Garcia Finish chapter three!

Sinai Mbella Organize my writing by topics

Jon Duckworth Having had to battle a sinus infection last week, my goal to get caught up this week.

Sandra de Helen Decide what to submit to the annual Scripteasers contest, and work to polish it.

Petrea Burchard Finish big assignment so I can start a new big assignment!

Kindra Silk Kreislers To hit the “see first” button! I can’t believe I’ve been missing all these posts

Warren Paul Glover Finish a commissioned poem & submit some scripts.

Lois Paige Simenson Push on through revision, Chapters 8 and 9, edit Chapters 1-4 to rewrite and incorporate critique group edits. Am so sick and burnt out of Chapters 1 & 2, have rewritten and edited them so much. One more pass on them for final.

Andrea Loaiza Just to write. At this point, I just need the words to come out of my head

Bob Vince To finish first draft of new story.

Ashlee Nicole McKenna To solidify a game plan for my serial (YA Mystery, Horror). To make progress in my short story (Dark fantasy).

Tony Gee 4 chapters left of my First Draft. Need to focus and knock it out.

Erin R. Smith Writing character profiles for my book, and a rough draft of the first chapter.

Brian Leggett Trying to decide what script I’m going to write next after I finish my short film project.

Aadip Desai Start my YA novel.

Sandra de Helen Upload a few reviews and get the new blog up. Work on the new play.

Dianna Albanese Break 2,000 followers for @SourceMediaCo on Twitter! (Help is appreciated.

Candy Neely Arrington Work on an article due next week and teaching proposals for two writers conferences.

Post your July 2018 goals in the comments.



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