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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in October.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To start my NaNoWriMo novel on November 1, 2018.

Audrey Paulduro Just purchased writing kits for three novel ideas. Time to get busy. Creative writing gave me some ideas on what I can do to start so I am going to make some changes and wake up early to get some writing in before my day starts!!

Christy Jackson Nicholas NaNoWriMo, here I come! I have a few more research bits to finish up and then I can dive in.

Bill Kelly I finished reading the background book tonight, so I’m most just writing now. I’m hoping to add at least a thousand or two thousand words.

E.M. Shue Get my NaNoWriMo off to a good start.

Audrey Paulduro Would like to find out what’s popular in the blogging industry…what people want to read to make them want to come back…

Tom Moser Trying to edit a chapter a day on the final draft (for now) of my novel.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper My goal is to get marking period 1 grades in for my students and then turn my attention to getting super-serious about a writing schedule.

Terry Hiner Mail out prizes, set up another reading…

Aadip Desai Finish two treatments tonight.

Warren Paul Glover As part of the 2018 Emerging Writers’ Festival I’m participating in the Swinburne Microfiction Challenge, writing a 500-word story a day in response to a one-word daily prompt. Hope to do them all (first one started yesterday)

Lois Paige Simenson Talking to all my new California friends about brainstorming my next book, CA Firestorm

Peter John I want to finish my next ebook on weight loss

Tim Lewis I need to finish my presentation for Cambridge Social Media Day then interview a certain Jen Cole about her book plan and edit the audio and get that show ready at the weekend.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Plot and plan and do research for my NaNoWriMo novel for November 2018.

Bill Kelly I’d like to get another thousand or so words.

E.M. Shue Characters done for Identity’s Kiss. Maybe some words too.

Brenda Neil Complete read-through tomorrow, revised fulls mailed out Wednesday, chocolate Thursday, wine Friday, whine everyday thereafter until the new rejections come in.

Sylvia Schneider My goal is to get Equinely-Inclined! episode 173 prepped, recorded, edited and published. Challenges are getting together with my co-host and my hubby has a surgery with an overnight stay so I’ll be busy and a tad emotional. I really need to get it done though!

Jeff Kaliss Help my characters go where they will in my short story (“Ocean Drive”) and my screenplay (“Watchdog”).

Sarah Glenn Work through some necessary timeline changes in my WIP.

Kelly Lenihan My goal is to finish the layout for my next children’s picture book.

E.M. Shue Get my script to the formatter with all its parts. Finish 5 more character profiles for each pnr and suspense series

Lois Paige Simenson To suck up a difficult chapter critique, step back and tackle it again in a few weeks. Because giving up is not an option.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Cannot really do anything of writing related until I get a little more stronger. The asthma I have to live with. The shortness of breathing and of tiredness is what I have to overcome.

Judith A McFerren To do the things I posted last Saturday (didn’t realize I was planning too much for the deadline). Got one done. Now I’ll finish the short story I’m working on, a romance, and try to get it sent out by the end of the week. Also be thinking about a novel I’m writing in my head (with lots of scenes and plot points written down hurriedly as I think of them). I need to organize those notes and start thinking in terms of how to develop the plot I have in mind. The middle is always the hard part for me, so I can spend some time thinking about how to keep the middle part vital. That’ll be a big step that’ll keep me moving ahead on that novel.

Bill Kelly I’d like to get another 1000 words down, but I’m also doing a little more background reading. Getting the reading done would be a big help too.

Courtney Berti Finish the piece I’ve been contracted to write. First official freelance gig that will have my name attached to it!

Pam Martin Get a couple of chapters of my next NIP (yeah, I finally finished the other one) — should be a bit easier, because I actually have an outline for this one! Also, I need to do some searching for new clients.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I wil work on character profiles for my planning on NaNoWriMo project.

Sandra de Helen This week’s goals: Continue thinking about the next 25 years, especially as to how what I want to accomplish affects the next year. Clean my closet (I do this every season). Reduce the amount of fabric I’m saving for “later.” Get rid of anything I haven’t worn for a year unless it’s a special occasion item. Hem the pants that need hemming. Finish the dress. Make the sheer over garment for my poetry reading.

Eve Kanne Address Beta readers comments

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Girl, I got nothing! Have to start all over because of my crazy travel schedule, my mom going in the hospital to have emergency surgery and my family priest of 44 years passing away suddenly yesterday – goals flew out the window. Goals right now to make a list of all my to-do’s and start checking off this weekend.

E.M. Shue Finish editing my 5th manuscript

Martha Zita Eliesa Martin Start on short story for the next four days and write every day

Judith A McFerren I’m new here and plan to check the posts every day as an encouragement to get back into writing regularly. Lately I seem to need a boost. I want to write but something seems to have me on a short leash. My goals are to send out a short story I just finished and to edit and polish a first draft of another one. I also want to start organizing my thoughts for a novel I have in mind. I’ll start with sending out the finished story and move forward one step at a time so I don’t feel overwhelmed. But, usually, when I get back into the rhythm of writing, I can start doing more than I had thought I could.

Tanya Bailey Keep writing everyday and more each day than I did last week.

Mary Lu Andersen Seidel Write every day for at least 15 minutes.

Sean McGuckin Goals via Image

Bill Kelly I forgot to give an answer here, but I would have said that I just wanted about a thousand words to be happy enough. I’ve had a good week so far and have done about two thousand or so words. I needed to update my OS and was afraid of losing things. I did a backup, but I also sent a copy to a friend. He said that he’s read a bit of it and really likes what I’ve done. I think that validation helped me.

Dorri Olds Catch up on deadlines!! It’s so hard to concentrate amidst the political nightmare and my own PTSD.

Eva North Continue writing my life story, and edit my Halloween story

Eve Kanne Send Query to one agent. This is the trial balloon

Sandra de Helen Upload the slide show video I made yesterday to youtube. Record more poems. Yoga five times. Study French. Study Hangul letters

Karen Hemmerle Turn in my script consultation report today, do any needed pre-production work on The 24 Hour Intimate Position which shoots this weekend, and keep my fingers crossed that one of these writing jobs comes through. Oh, and make about a gallon of cauliflower relish.

Terry Hiner Have a successful appearance at the Mountains & Plains Independent booksellers Association meeting in Denver this week.

Sarah Glenn I discovered last week that I had shot our plotline in the head. I need to get it into good order.

Mercy Fae Author Work on the formatting for this month’s issue of Vita Sine Deo. Discussing plans for the next issue with my team of writers.

Candy Neely Arrington Finish workshop descriptions that are due next week for a conference next spring.

Audrey Paulduro I am seriously going to get started on a story that I was going to dedicate in the memory of a very dear friend of mine that passed away a few years back. I want this to be a novel where people can laugh and cry and learn about who God is and what He can do to help us heal while we are grieving.

Mercy Fae Author Start on a new novel, and possibly pay to get the watermark removed from my commercial. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Lisa Birch To finish my 8k exegesis edit. This is the first time I’ve shared my goal for the week and I really want to achieve it

Karen Sparkowich To actually write something this week. The last two months depression has kicked my ass BAD and I’ve done squat….

Bill Kelly I wasn’t able to do anything last week, so I’m just hoping for about a thousand words of progress.

Tanya Bailey I’m gonna try to write a little bit each day. They say it takes 21 days of doing something everyday for it to be a habit and that is what I want so that is why I want to write a little bit everyday during October. November is NANOWRIMO and this year I plan to give it a serious try. I’ve almost finished my outline for the book I want to write that month. So if in October I can make writing everyday a habit then November should be easier to write everyday, only a lot more each day, so I can finish a novel in just 30 days. Well, that’s the plan anyways. Fingers crossed!

Monique Goosen Magazine getting finalized and published today

Sandra de Helen Submit the migraine essay to Folks Stories. Do at least two more submissions. Record three poems. Do yoga five times. Finish cutting out the dress. Move Literary Lesbian Reviews to my site before 10/5. Study French. Finish up learning Hangul letters.

J Blair Brown Finish my website

Terry Hiner Revamp website. Post Kirkus review in full.

Tamara Kaye Sellman Catch up on lost sleep and survive another week of PT, and still get a minimum of work done

Carol Barash Write a story based on trip to Japan while BK drama unfolding in US.



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