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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in January.

E.M. Shue 3k in words and finalize my blurb for a secret collaboration I’m in.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To update the covers of 2 novelettes on ebooks along with change my prices for ebooks of short stories to .99 from $1.00. According to my groups of writers and self-publishers psychologically one penny less is cheaper.

Lois Paige Simenson Enter 2 more novel contests. Interview another bestselling writer for an online magazine. Learn how to do short 5 min or less audio podcasts.

Sarah Glenn The heroine now knows who the killer is. I need to get her into a confrontation scene and figure out where the sidekicks are.

Lois Paige Simenson Enter all 5 novel contests. 2 down, 3 to go. Outline next novel. Or at least thinkabbouddit

Christy Jackson Nicholas To beef up the synopsis for book 8 in my series. I’ve got three paragraphs – I want three pages.

Valerie Doherty Edit 6 pieces of flash. Finish text for a children’s picture book. Read like crazy- short stories first.

Daniel Escurel Occeno De same! Hopefully it will be achieved.

Donald Anderson I’ll be realistic with my busy schedule and say two blog posts.

Joe Giambrone Overthrow the system.

Mercy Fae Author Get some magazine writing in.

Sandra de Helen complete a rewrite and submission…

Carolyn Howard-Johnson LOL by magic prevent emergencies from arising!

Lisa Conder Stauber 3 resource pages for a health site, 3 resource pages for a personal finance site, at least drafted!

Jason Bastian Finalize my latest short story.

Margot Kinberg My goal is to finish my draft of a nonfic article I’m writing for a journal. 1/2-way or so through, so we’ll see how it goes.

Sarah Glenn I’m trying to get the protagonist to the scene where she learns that final clue. My Muse has been giving me lead-up stuff to it today, so I hope to reach that goal in a week

Bill Kelly I’m hoping to make up my mind where to go from here.

Daniel Escurel Occeno The same unfinished goal for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I can force myself to “just do it” this week.

Lois Paige Simenson Try to figure out where to go from here with the novel. Apply some Word-B-Gone to get rid of 15,000 more words

Denise Zeiler Write, outline or read every day

Christy Jackson Nicholas I have nothing planned. I’m percolating my new book, but don’t plan on setting up my scene list yet. Editing on my last book is done for now. Resting.

Ellen Lutwak Craigslist ads for a colleague who is moving to Italy – and selling all of her high-end furniture and accessories. Researching the best SEO words to move the items quickly.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Get all my social media posts done and scheduled for next week this week.

Janet Gervers Hosting my Networking Launch Event tomorrow.

Jason Bastian Working on attending writer’s workshops, and creative writing classes online to improve my work. I believe I’m good, but can always improve. Writing a little bit each day, tried to do a word count, but it’s busy these days, so as long as I write about 1,000 words a day, I’m happy.

Donald Anderson To edit 2k words

Felicia French I’m working on a writing sample for submission to a university. Hoping I get accepted into their MFA/Creative Writing program. 15 to 20 pages before 1 March. I’m on page 6.

Nezha AR I planned to wake up everyday at 6 o’clock .already 3 days now

Bill Kelly I hope to add a few thousand words and decide whether to add another section.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’d love to finish the line by line grammar edits on my WIP! I have 14 chapters to go of 40. (2000 word chapters on average)

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will do what I did not do last week. To update the covers on ebooks of my three novelettes or at least one.

Daniel Escurel Occeno My January goals are to update new covers for 3 novelettes and 2 novels.

E.M. Shue Words. I’ve struggled so much lately with words. Not any more. Starting today im writing.

Mark Finbow To finish the second half of my play.

Charlotte Hamilton I promise to myself to write at least 500 words a day. minimum and progress with editing my opus uno

Chichi Richard-Osigwe I’ve written over 50 books and may have even lost count; both long and short stories, yet I haven’t published any currently. Next week I’ll be seeing my graphic artist for the finished work.

Bill Kelly I hope to get another few thousand words. I’m at a point where I have to decide whether to make this the entire book or add another section.

Vivienne Bretherick I need to finish two creative nonfiction edits and send another piece of my writing to my critique partner.

Deborah Lyn Stanley Complete an edit/crit for a friend and send it off 🙂

Shannon Christenson Milliman I promise to write one page a day. P.S. I’m scared making this promise.

Lois Paige Simenson Somehow magically complete revision of remaining 35% of novel for contest submission deadline of January 11th.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I want to continue the line-by-line granular grammar edits on my WIP. I’m on chapter 15 out of 40, I hope to get another 12 chapters done this week.

Joe Giambrone Submit short stories. Paint a room. Finally begin children’s book I’ve been putting off for 6 months.

Maria Zlotescu Finish my treatment revision

Daniel Escurel Occeno To update new covers to three novelettes on ebook. If I cannot achieve the goal there is always next year.

Tom Moser Just going chapter by chapter and sometimes back again. I’m mostly style-polishing, but also fixing a few minor story points. Got a new remote writing device so I’m no longer tethered to my workstation for writing, which has helped tremendously.

Candy Neely Arrington Write my blog content for next week.

Lois Paige Simenson Kill 25,000 little darlings to enter unpublished novel in RWA Golden Heart contest.



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