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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in February.

Felicia French I finished my writing sample and submitted my application to the university I am applying to. Woot! Woot!

Bill Kelly I’ll be happy with any progress.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To start a new policy of working five to fifteen minutes or more a day on things, which need, to be done. Better than zero.

Tom Moser On the last chapter of my book, so definitely hoping to wrap that up this week!

Jason Bastian Finished editing my first novel. Just need to re-read it once again. and then probably again. LOL. But on my way to the next step. very nervous.

Sarah Glenn My goal is to get back on track doing SOMETHING. Looking for a job again is discombobulating my brain. I didn’t realize what a snowflake I was.

Lois Paige Simenson You guys, all I can say is, I may not have gotten this far in my novel writing process had it not been for Deb encouraging us right here on this page. Holding ourselves accountable. And if we fall short, we try it again the next week. And the next. And the next…thank you, Deb!

Faruhk Mohammd Am looking for a good academic and essay account.

Felicia French Finishing up editing on my story. I’m going to get another pair of eyes on it to look it over and see if they even like the story, then edit anything I missed. I’m excited to be almost done. My deadline is approaching for submission to apply for the Grad program in Creative Writing. I’m feeling confident.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will work on my short story collections to set up into ebooks. 14 SHORT STORIES FOR KIDS and SIX SHORT STORIES with adult main characters. During a Q&A with groups it was recommended to sell than a short story. I decided to try it if I can put it together.

E.M. Shue Get 4k in words and finish 2 teaser trailers.

Bill Kelly I hope to get back to writing something.

Jessica Roush Write at least half of my current book and maybe start on another

Lois Paige SimensonRevise query letter to 1 page. Revise critiqued novel chapter. Continue nightly line edit and proofreading.

Destiny Pifer To write a short story.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I have a novel I promised to beta read (well, 2, actually) as a swap. I hope to get through that this week, and maybe even start on the second one.

Sarah GlennI want to finish the shootout scene I’m writing. Some people are about to complicate things.

Jason Bastian Finish editing my first novel. Long process, this editing business.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce My goals for this week were to nail an interview for a role within a company, present a workshop, complete posts for a client that we are ending our relationship after two years and preparing to meet and visit with my new grandson!

Sofia Johansson Getting two blogposts up on the blog, and finish the outline for my novel.

Christy Jackson NicholasMy goals aren’t strong this week. I’ve got a bad cold and have to go to work anyhow. I also have two novels I’ve promised to beta-read. So, I’ll say those are my goal.

Sandra de Helen Begin recording the audio book.

Lois Paige Simenson Rewrite a subplot at the last minute before submitting to Carina Press. Thank goodness for my critique group, they saved my novel from sinking to the bottom of the Pacific. Atlanttic. Wherever LOL

E.M. Shue Put a good portion together in my current wip

Tabitha Baumander keep spending at least a little time every evening proofing part of a book (working again and its hard to do to much)

Christy Jackson Nicholas I want to get at least 8000 on my new WIP.

Justine Alley Dowsett 2000 words a day 🙂

Jessica Roush Write at least another 1,000-2,000 words in my book.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To update the covers on ebook. I bought my paracetamol for flu so hopefully my mind is ready to work in the next few days. My asthma is at work.

Lois Paige Simenson Post my 2 novel pitches to Carina Press for their online annual pitch event.

Candy Neely Arrington Make a big dent in creating workshop content for a class I’m teaching at a writers conference in March.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Finish book proposal for NCEA, submit requested resume for a salaried position and schedule posts for next week this week!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To update the covers of two novels on ebooks and hopefully self-publish a new one already written.



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