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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in September.

Kris Leigh I’m outlining for the very first time in my life! This is because I cannot be trusted to pants it. Pantsing it for me typically means running around with the waistband at my ankles, tripping over the belt loops. Here’s to having it all buckled down and (mostly) in place!

Deborah Lyn Stanley Writing three more snippets/scenes for my caregiver’s book…to meet my September goal of 12 . Whew! 

Christy Jackson Nicholas Working on my WIP, shooting for 12,500 words (2,500 words per weekday). Yesterday I already did 3,500 words so I’m well on track.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To format my already written novel for self-publication on eBook.

Tania Yesivell A chapter for my current WIP. Decide how will I introduce the events dated before chapter one…

Bill Kelly At this point, I’d be happy with almost any progress.

Peggy J. Davenport Survival. Coffee. Wait… Fleshing deeper meaning into relationships of characters in my current WIP is one.

Michael Scott To write something…anything. This blank screen is staring at me like I owe it money.

Livvy Skelton-Price Finish draft 1…. So I can scrap it and start over with draft 2

Jen Smith 12,000 words 

Nita Sweeney This is one of those “hold on and just get through” weeks with so much going on I don’t have time to list. Send focus vibes!

Sarah Glenn Get book launched, don’t have a cow.

Stephanie Bourbon Just to get through the week. I am doing #NaNoWriMo so this week focusing on what videos I’ll post during Nov. I’m going to be on writing hiatus until then!!

Karen Hemmerle Get started on a script I’m rewriting for someone, and work on marketing a feature script I have ready to go.

Lois Paige Simenson Resume revising another novel.

Eryn Huitt To post one of my completed poems and find inspiration for another one. 

Pam Martin About 1500 words done yesterday, so I’m hoping for 3K-5K for the week.

Jaimee Walls To get the next two chapters of my WIP edited and polished

Lois Paige Simenson Submit first 4,500 words of novel to 2nd round of judges for Florida’s RWA Tara contest. The contemporary romance judge is an editor from Sourcebooks  

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue editing my WW2 novel for self-publication.

Mary Lu Andersen Seidel To write 2 days. Bill Kelly Realistically, another two to three thousand words would be a victory for me.

Jim E Yockey Right 

Nita Sweeney *sung to the tune of Rawhide* Promo promo promo/keep them bookies movin’/promo promo promo/rawhide!

Karen Hemmerle Decide which of my fully-outlined/half-written spec scripts I’m going to finish in the next month or so and get started on it. It’s up between contained horror and a family comedy.

NIna May Connecting on LinkedIn with toy company HR people. Already connected with Hasbro

Lois Paige Simenson Revise rest of novel, re-order chapters, to polish in case complete ms is requested.

Sarah Glenn Find ways to hawk the new book.

Stephanie Bourbon Survive the week? LOL since we are moving next month, I may not get much writing in but am working on my courses for writers and packing and trying not to go insane.

J Blair Brown I made a fresh new batch of product for my new skin care line…unofficial poll suggests this is my signature product. Now looking forward to writing and marketing!

Nita Sweeney I could use some sleep.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’m booking along with my 2500 a day minimum, so I aim for another 12,500 words this week. Today I smashed that with 3600 words. 

Pam Martin 289 words in about 30 minutes this morning — I’m hoping to finish this chapter today, which would mean about 2500 more words. If the storm doesn’t knock out the power this afternoon, it should be do-able!

Susan Bowman My goal now is to fix all the places on my website where it refers to working towards the re-release. I’m also changing my email sign-up so I have lots of hours with WordPress in front of me.

Bill Kelly If I can get a thousand words, I’ll be happy enough.

Matthew Hawk Eldridge Finish a synopsis to my novel I’m pitching.

Trang Hà sleep in time everyday

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same goal as last week. 

Deborah Lyn Stanley Post my drafts!

Tom Moser More submissions, and really diving into my new project. ‘

Nita Sweeney Goal is to find a new clip for the audiobook sample. The one they used isn’t the best reflection of either the narrator or the book. Feels like huge pressure. Send anti-procrastination vibes.

Sarah Glenn  I’m doing a short bit on the poisons of Agatha Christie this weekend. Preparing is a goal.

Deborah Lyn Stanley get my posts up!

Nikki Prince Editing, discussion post done by tomorrow, Grad paper done by Saturday before the due dates

Pam Martin I absolutely MUST get at least two chapters written this week. I think that means no more “start the day” writing prompts that lead to kids’ stories — too distracting (and too much fun)!

Bill Kelly Realistically, I’ll be happy to get two thousand words this week. A bunch of things are happening.

Benjamin Wright I am hoping to get at least three or four thousand words in this week. I am confident that I will be able to achieve this goal.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To self-publish the novel on ebook intended for last month.

Destiny Pifer Well my son starts school today so my goal is to write as much as possible today.

Wajdi Luigi Bugattas Finish a new blog post for this week 

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue my unfinished goal of August to complete in September.

Nita Sweeney Today’s the deadline for my monthly email newsletter, #WriteNowColumbus! Getting off here so I can get it done and sent!

Rosemary Bointon Try and connect my instagram page to my FB page – it currently seems impossible!



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