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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in May.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Still trying to figure out my new world. Updated my browser and still could not get tech support but their Facebook posted it is still all there somewhere. Okay! I just cannot do newbies for now.

Nita Sweeney Do my “homework.”

Nadezhda Povroznik Five thousand words to the chapter of my book.

Daniel Escurel Occeno When I first started self-publishing my goal was to self-publish short stories to be read in hopes of developing a following to sell my novels. I am back revising and promoting my short stories.

Lois Paige Simenson Upload my book to Amazon.

Nita Sweeney Do my homework

Michael Jarrett Christensen rewrite script I started last year. completed outline, completed rough draft. now it is time for revision and rewrite

David Watson Write thirty pages of episode 2 of series.

Nadezhda Povroznik I’m reviewing a really long thesis on cultural trauma by one smart student

Daniel Escurel Occeno To find out how I can continue my self-publishing. Seems to be more than just something that I do not know how to do. I cannot send for tech support is just one reason.

Russell Nohelty 15,000 words.

Dennis Wilen Complete the tourism website I began last month.

Sean McLachlan Write 22,000 words. That includes finishing a booklet on military history for a client as well as a chunk of a novel for another client and further progress on a novella of my own. Also doing another video for my YouTube channel.

Nadezhda Povroznik Shape a final web-page for my project on the history of virtual museums

Daniel Escurel Occeno Continue to learn how to create ebooks and self-publish.

Alisha Vincent Finish novel.

Jessica Knaak Write everyday.

Warren Paul Glover Work on the novel.

Christine Moscoso Will try to update & finish a chapter!

Sean McLachlan Write 23,000 words. This includes a chunk of a novel for a ghostwriting client, part of a history booklet, and a mystery story under my own name. Also another YouTube video.

Nita Sweeney Need to send five questions (for them to ask me) to a podcast host. Why is this so difficult?

Diane Ebert Get the AD campaign out for Mini Photo sessions partnrring with Monster Cookies & more…

Kathryn Lang This week I am going to post two times on my websites

Stephanie Bourbon Eat healthy, exercise, sleep with my husband, write a bit, get some rest—–lol but aside from those things.. you know build my list, sign more members up to my membership, hopefully write

Cat Ranson To write a drabble a day (trying to tighten up my writing and apparently drabbles are great exercises for that), networking, generally working on my novel/s.

Kevin Wilkerson Getting on TV. And it happened today!

Lois Paige Simenson Rest and recuperate from pushing as hard as I could to get this book out to the world. It’s with formatters now. No more tweaking. When I get it back, will have to do one more proofread for ebook and paperback, approve them and formatters will send me …See More

Deborah Lyn Stanley Run through editor’s comments for the second time.



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