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Write On! Coaching

Motivation. Inspiration. Project-management. Idea-generation. Troubleshooting.

Complete those half-finished writing-projects–or finally get started–whether it’s for a blog, book, script, social media, or anything else!

Evaluation and Personal “Workout” Plan:
The initial meeting is a one-hour consultation/evaluation, where we create your mission statement, determine goals and benchmarks, and come up with a customized plan/production schedule. $150.

Cross Training
- Blogging “Workout” Plan:
One-hour consultation/evaluation, where we discuss your vision for your blog or look at the blog you already launched. We then figure out what you need to do to develop more content for your blog, and come up with a  customized plan. $150.

- Social Media “Workout” Plan:
One-hour consultation/evaluation, where we look at your current social-media strategy – it’s fine if you do not have one yet. We then figure out the steps you need to take to develop a social-media presence, whether it’s via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., and come up with a  customized plan. $150.

Weekly Personal-Training Sessions: Stay on schedule with regular follow-ups. Four 30-minute sessions for $300.

Writing Coaching:
One-on-one coaching for brainstorming and idea-development, essay and article-writing, website content, social media, books, blogs, bios, newsletters, and more. Editing and proofreading services also available.

Cross Training – Blogging, Social Media, Live Networking:
Do you want people to think of you immediately when they need someone with your expertise? Launch a blog, take the social networking plunge without it taking over your life, improve your live networking skills, and learn how to communicate better.

Coaching: $150/hour.

Group Writing Workouts:
Group coaching available for individuals and businesses on any of the Cross-Training Topics (Blogging, Social Networking, Live Networking), plus Breaking Through Writers Block, Personal Essay and Article Writing, Presentation Skills, and more. Writing Workouts for Teens and Tweens also available.

Rates: Contact or call 310.908.8980.

One-on-one training available via Skype, telephone, or chat. Contact or call 310.908.8980 to book your session today!

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