Purple Pencil Adventures coverDo your kids love to write? Are your kids creative? Want to encourage them to hone and expand their writing skills?

Purple Pencil Adventures are writing prompts that encourage kids of all ages to tap into their creativity, while practicing and improving their writing. These exercises are written simply with lots of room for interpretation, so all ages can benefit. The book includes tips on journaling, general and seasonal writing prompts, extra credit assignments and more. Purple Pencil Adventures are designed to inspire joy, creativity, and a love of the written word.

Sample Purple Pencil Adventure

Create & Win an Award

Remember to “thank the Academy”

We’ve all accepted an Academy Award, holding a hairbrush as a microphone. Now, make up an award, declare yourself the winner, and write a thank-you speech.

First, decide what award you will win. Is it for excelling in sports, writing or a hobby? Give it a name. And, if you want, draw a picture of what your award looks like.

Next, write an acceptance speech. Decide who you will thank and why they were instrumental in helping you win. Remember, if you haven’t done so already, you may win an award some day. So this is great practice. Be as creative as you want and have fun.

Extra Credit: Create an award and bestow it upon a friend, sibling or parent. Explain what the award is and why they won it. Instead of a thank you speech, write a congratulatory speech. They’ll be thrilled.


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