book-on-writingWriters love books. Even more than that, they love about books on writing. So I asked my community to share their favorite books on writing.

Several favorites were mentioned multiple times, and those are the ones included on this list.

If you are looking for a gift for the writer in your life (especially  if that writer is you), have a look.

Here are the five most popular books on writing.

#1: Stephen King’s On Writing

On Writing is an insightful, personal look into not only King’s career but also his life.

An all-in-one autobiography and book of writing advice and anecdotes, writers across the board agree that this book is a must-read. Whether you’re writing a memoir, a historical account, or a sprawling fantasy novel, this quick read by King offers a little something for all writers.

“As a writer, you become a collector of how-to books and story structure books, but sitting with King and listening to his experiences help contextualize it all.” – Jennifer Arzt

#2: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Whether your blocks are from writing or another creative endeavor, if you’re in need of some tough love, look no further than The War of Art.

Pressfield illustrates the concept of “Resistance”… in other words, the internal and external obstacles writers (and other creatives) face while pursuing their dreams.

He provides a game plan for overcoming Resistance and living the rich, inspired, creative life you’ve always imagined.

#3: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Aspiring writers can find a wealth of humorous advice in Bird by Bird.

Lamott was inspired to title this ever-popular guide to the writing life after a childhood incident involving her brother and a tight deadline for his book report on birds. Her dad’s advice? “Just take it bird by bird.” This book offers brilliant (and funny!) ways for writers to do just that, crafting their own unique voice and style along the way.

Bird by Bird. Just for the inspiration.” – Carolyn Howard-Johnson

#4: Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

Save the Cat was one of the most-mentioned books in my round-up … and for good reason. Snyder, a seasoned screenwriter and expert storyteller, illustrates why giving your hero a “saving the cat” scene in your story is the most powerful way to make your audience fall in love with your hero.

While this book is a must-have for all screenwriters, it’s also immensely helpful for novelists and anyone who needs to write anything.

“I own many but Blake’s book Provided a simple structure to frame with.” – Brian Baggett

“Is it worth adding that Blake Snyder and Save the Cat changed my life?!” – Jaci Stephen

#5: The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri

Writers crafting screenplays, novels, and short stories will benefit from this analytical, how-to guide to constructing a story by way of its characters.

Egri illustrates how concentrating on human motivations and behavior patterns sets the stage (both literally and figuratively) for the very best dramatic stories. This book is a clear, concise, and straight-to-the-point manifesto on how to write a drama that packs a punch.

The Art of Dramatic Writing by Egri. Over 70 years old but still a goodie.” – Cailin Maureen Harrison

What do you think? What’s your favorite book on writing? Is it on the list? Share your recommendations in the comments.



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