It’s important for writers to also be readers. It enriches our knowledge, frame-of-reference, style, and tone.

I always suggest having a fiction and/or a non-fiction book, somewhere in progress, at any given time. Since it’s National Poetry Month and Script Frenzy, why not try a poetry book? Or a screenplay?

What books are you reading right now? What books to you recommend?

Please comment below … and then re-post after you’ve read someone else’s book suggestion.

Happy Reading!


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  1. chuck 12 years ago

    In Pantagonia by Chatwain. A 70s travelogue through the Argentine,Chile Pantagonia frontier. Real interesting.

  2. Callum 12 years ago

    Birthday Letters – Ted Hughes
    I was already reading a poetry book without even knowing, so I’m like, waaaaaaaay awesome.

    I’d reccomend anything by Nabokov, his style is beautiful.

  3. Suzi Doll 12 years ago

    I am reading a biography of Howard Hughes called simply HUGHES. Very straightforward writing, with lots of quotes by Hughes, his family, and his associates. A very strange life–even more so than I thought.

  4. Cara Holman 12 years ago

    I just finished Jules Feiffer’s memoir, “Backing into Forward”, and would highly recommend, especially for anyone who loved The Phantom Tollbooth (he was the illustrator).

    I’ve just started “haiku mind” by Patricia Donegan and “The Best Thing I Ever Tasted” by Sallie Tisdale, and am enjoying both so far!

  5. Michelle Dennis Evans 12 years ago

    Reading… Seven Little Australian by Ethel Turner, Mercy Moves Mountains by Nancy Alcorn, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John C Maxwell, Destined to Reign by Joseph prince and Moments for Mum by Narelle Nettelbeck.
    I read a lot of poetry online by fellow bloggers.

  6. Kate Pesich 12 years ago

    I’m reading Mark Vernon’s What Not to Say. It’s pretty insightful, and covers life’s tricky moments.

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