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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in February.

Sandra de Helen Finish the rough draft of the new play. Start a new essay due 3/8. Interview a playwright for a second essay. If there’s time, I’ll apply for a grant. (Only the Letter of Inquiry is due this week.)

Lois Paige Simenson Compile list of questions for my aviation experts for accuracy in novel. Found a female heli pilot who flies Black Hawks and other helos

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue proofreading my novel for self-publication on eBook for

Pam Bartlett Martin Doing revising on some of my work in progress stories.

Terry Hiner Finalize research trip, continue character development

Sandra de Helen I swear I did this yesterday. Can’t find though. So: finish rough draft of new play. Finish Letter of Inquiry for a grant. Begin new essay for March 8 deadline. Interview playwright for another essay/article.

Larissa Merriman Get through rehearsal and our Friday shoot WITHOUT having a nervous breakdown

Mohamad Kebbewar You will do fine, break a leg.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Continue proofreading Fire Extinguisher Man for self-publication on ebook for Amazon. com.

Michael Jarrett Christensen complete one page and summary for spec script

Mohamad Kebbewar Edit until chapter forty.

Marilyn Anderson My goal is to sell hundreds if books! 99 CENTS SALE on How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short.

Aliya Jackson finishing up my non-fictional writing contest and finishing up a short movie that I shot a week ago – still being edited, and working on a 3 page short to get that shot and understanding about writing thrillers and finishing up that script…. a lot going on in my world but it’ll get done.

Lois Paige Simenson Revise 5 chapters each week for developmental edit. Story and plot only for first pass.

Monique Goosen Finish 4 more articles and try continue with my “dimensional shift” novel, Antonio.

Lois Paige Simenson Write chapter 38.

Arva Zainab Survive.

Vicki Taylor Finish formatting my debut novel and publish!

Jonathan Lazar Just got my next Urban Fantasy novella published yesterday! Now going to be working on my next fantasy novel, Destiny of the Flame, and it’s prequel novella, Ascension and Star Fall (working title), this week!

Daniel Escurel Occeno I accomplished my goal since October before remembering to post. I self-published my contemporary romance to an eBook. My goal then is to self-publish my dystopia Suspense Thriller Novel – FIRE EXTINGUISHER MAN!

Zahia Rahm to finish the first part in a course, and write a small article

Catherine Brugger Brown Brainstorming story ideas and researching submission opportunities.

Michael Scott To write something.

Terry Hiner Finish edits on Darling Girl so that I can start on new book. Buy a house.

Alex Willging Add more to the 2nd draft of one manuscript, AND start on a new manuscript, just to keep those writing muscles flexing.

Sandra de Helen Add 10 more pages to my script. (Given my schedule this week, 10 will be great!)

Petrea Burchard Writing a pitch to a small publisher. Meeting with an editing client. Yay!

David Watson Rewrite pitch with new central question, start to finish

Michelle H. Gurdal To prewrite 5 pitches

Ann Marie McGrath Hi everyone and Happy Writing! I have been working on the structure of my book this week, writing out descriptions for my characters, writing an overall summary of what my book is about. The technique I have been using to do this is called the Snowflake technique, where you start small and build upon that structure to write out your whole book.

Mohamad Kebbewar Finish chapter 24.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I was able to read through my novel up to chapter 10 of 14 so I will try again to finish it for self-publication on eBook at I know that it is Friday here when I posted this.

John Bourke Keep working on current screenplay

Sandra de Helen Another 20 or more pages on the play. (I made my goal last week, yay!)

Larissa Merriman Please universe let me find a Kate for our film. Another round of auditions for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Larissa Merriman And I still have a lot of writing on my other projects.

Lyzz Heather Just catching up!!

Catherine Brugger Brown Edit a scene, do critique group, do some beta reading, pick a couple new contests for stories and brainstorm, blog post, and a watch a couple writing webinars.

Kathy Jimenez Upholding my Commitment to study 2 hours a day or more in order to prepare myself to pass the oral interpreting exam.

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