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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in March.

Christina Alexandra words down. I need at least 3 chapters completed by the end of the week, and an outline for a novella.

Bill Kelly I hope to plug away at both books.

Author A Fae This week, my goal is to start back on my novel and try to put as much of my free time into it while still working my editing job. I also need to continue to flesh out my next four novellas for my Collegiate Curves series. Time management is my goal!

Kimberley Brunette hoping to collect,royalities

Lois Paige Simenson Compressing 4 page synopsis into 2 pages, for critique @ California Dreamin’ writer’s conference.

Kathryn Lang My goals: Add 1000 people to my email list; write 50,000; complete rework of Practical Proverbs

Marla J. Hayes goal one -income tax filing- DONE! goal two – finalizing lead actor for script.

Candy Neely Arrington Work on content creation for a 3-session workshop.

Bill Kelly I hope to keep making progress on both books. I’ll be happy with any combination of 3,000 words.

Damon Knight My goal is to finish reviewing this great new hip hop album. Getting close!

Tabitha Baumander currently I’m working on posting “ads” (ie; covers and writing samples with my amazon web page). on Tumbler. That’s about it. Don’t really have the energy to write anything new and I’ve been taking a break from editing for publication

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Finish 4 chapters of a book I am working on. Make personal connections at a conference I am attending this weekend.

Benjamin R Miller Reach the 50k mark in my second draft!

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Keep writing for Medium to widen audience outside my blog niche, keep up with blog, work on novel. I’m so pumped lately. I can and so can you!

Isadora Félix Trying to edit!

Eve Kanne Query-Query-Query

Tom Moser Waiting on feedback from alpha reader. In the meantime, outlining a new feature script I pitched to a producer friend.

Bill Kelly I’ll be happy with almost any progress. I have two medical appointments this week, so I’ll be busy.

Jessica Roush Working on a second and 3rd book after just publishing my first on Friday

Pamela Barroway Blogging, SoMe marketing, engagement.

Lois Paige Simenson Read.

Tom Moser Waiting on feedback from alpha reader. In the meantime, outlining a new feature script I pitched to a producer friend.

Lois Paige Simenson Revise Ch 1 of my romance suspense to my new critique group.

Matthew Farmer I have joined a ‘Slow Writers Club’ – 300 words a day. I has a busy time right now, so just doing something is …. something

Christy Jackson Nicholas More beta reading.

Sarah Glenn I’d really like to get the characters back on the same page so I can resolve things and work on wrapup.

Deborah Lyn Stanley Create logo for my new website



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