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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in August.

Aadip Desai Finish my application for a writing lab.

Jim Katzaman Besides my daily posts, I’ve started drafts on two other articles — one for me to post and another for elsewhere.

Isobel Duncan Get at up 2,000 words in total.

Bill Kelly I hope to finish the current chapter.

Tony Gee Revising first half of second book.

Vivienne Bretherick My protagonist Rose and her cat Mr.Tibbs, have been drifting through my mind all week. I have to get this short story finished!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To publish as many of my ebooks with the new covers. Change some of the descriptions. Tags as well. Someone suggested that I limit my audience with the tag “romance”. “Novel” is plenty. Any comments?

Hedi Boubecker Write and edit every morning, I hope i’ll last !

Tracie Crum Bautista To write every day this week, even if it’s just a paragraph.

Mercy Fae Author To actually get some writing done!

Sarah Glenn Set up blog posts and ads for an online sale. Work on a scene for the WIP if energy allows.

Alan Paine Come up with promotion ideas for my new books!

Ro Ronceros I want to get a job

Warren Paul Glover Decide whether or not to accept an option agreement.

Shannon Luders-Manuel I started revamping my website, so I’d like to get that completed. Basically just polishing it up and making it stronger.

Sandra de Helen Finish reading the poetry book from The Rumpus. Upload ten more reviews by Lori. Start selecting poems for my FB page idea. Read and review another book.

Stephanie Olivieri Revisions on the novel and drawings to go in it.

Sandra de Helen Apply for a residency. Review projects, set realistic goals for next week.

April Bing Still recovering from surgery but my goal is to get some blog posts done!

E.M. Shue just to sit and write, I’m on a messed up work schedule.

Vivienne Bretherick I have a short story that’s almost finished. I want to get it finished and sent out into the universe by the end of the week. I have time off work this week so its not an unreasonable goal, just need to stay focused and resist cleaning house for a day or two.

Tanya Bailey I’m writing my novel’s first draft old school, pan in a scribbler, if I can get at least 3 pages written and a start on my blog post then I’ll be happy.

Jill Giambruno Finish my application for my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Destiny Pifer Well I am dealing with another rejection letter and some anxiety issues right now but I am still planning to eventually sit down and write again.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Force myself to get some work finished.

Edward Anderson 30,000 words on my novel and 3 articles.

Isobel Duncan I have 183 words left to type.

Dimitri Kasongo Even a nightmare need a few flavor of dreams because you deserve what you really want…Peace

Daniel Escurel Occeno Procrastination, laziness, and just did not want to do anything. It all happened during the week. Good thing there is this week. Maybe I should get some multivitamins.

Sophie de Merteuil It’s almost three in the morning, I have to go to yoga at 8, and instead of sleeping I just drafted and outlined two articles for Vocal Media. Erratic but ah well haha. I’m an artist not an engineer.

Bill Kelly I’ve made a little progress, but I’ve been in a great deal of pain for most of the week. The pain has kept me from concentrating. A friend wants me to write some political commentary that he wants to submit to some places that would publish political commentary. I bounced a few ideas off him and wrote one draft commentary. I’ve added a little bit to my book. In the book, I go through a few scenarios, and sometimes, the setup to one scenario is the same as the setup to another. That allows me to do some copy-and-paste that will give me more words in a hurry but not really more new content.

Robbin Lewis-Hurley I didn’t meet my goal completely but I am closer than I have ever gotten before. Woot! Still have the same goal for this week. 1k words per day. Finalized first draft by the end of August.

Petrea Burchard Your posts are so encouraging and I feel like a shlub for not having a lot of writing/networking goals right now! BUT an editing client is keeping me busy, so until they run out of things for me to do I can sock away some $$. So that is my goal for this week!

Sandra Muller I finished a major client project last Friday, moved house on Saturday and I’m having a light work so can get back into my novel from tomorrow

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Make some goals for July after being sidetracked by sickness this weekend.

Candy Neely Arrington I have an article due Monday. My goal is to finish it by Friday.

Kimberly Johnson Louis Submitting work to greeting card companies. Look for writing contests or freelance work online.

Erica Cottrill Writing skills across a wide range of deliverables, from traditional PR to blogs to published articles. Looking for more freelance projects and am focusing on social media to get the word out!

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Write three blogs for deadlines next week!

Nicole Reid Edit my last nano (20 pages) and maybe 1k—light week because I have other projects to complete.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To make my ebooks with the new covers “live” for purchase. Then set up my 3 collections on ebooks of short stories for kids and short stories and novelettes. Someone on a comment suggested it. After going over those again I agreed with the idea. More so for print-on-demand paperbacks.

E.M. Shue 8k in words on my WIP and my blurb for the same WIP done.

Rebecca Caesar I would like to finish writing at least one chapter this week. My summer schedule is chaotic (but fun).

Swati Goswami To have more retainer freelance content writing projects and to have more followers of my travel and lifestyle blog.

Lois Paige Simenson Revise Ch 7, 8, 9 for my critters.

Michele Miles Gardiner Editing my manuscript before I hand it off to my copy editor–like cleaning before the housekeeper comes (not that I have someone to help with my house. I wish!).  I recently discovered I have a THING for em dashes, so those are getting tidied.

Musawale Annemarie find time to write my Harlequin even with the amount of work I have to do. Keep social media to bare minimum.

Mercy Fae Author Set up GoodReads Author page, and give out some of the ARC’s for reviews.

Andrea Noor out line blog post ideas

Brian Leggett I’m putting together an outline for a new screenplay I plan to write. It’s a bit difficult putting together this outline, but I’m still going to do it.

Douglas Iyase for me nothing spectacular for now but preparing for a good start.,. thank you

Robbin Lewis-Hurley My goal for this week is to write 1k words per day. So far I’ve made it 3 days this week.

Christy Jackson Nicholas New release comes out Wednesday! Also, working on my new WIP. Hoping to get in 5,000 words this week.

Lois Paige Simenson Fix the timeline in my WIP after critiquers said was too compressed. Edit next 3 chapters for next week’s critique meeting

Margaret Steingraber Finish first draft

Jill Giambruno Start, and finish, chapter one!!!

E.M. Shue 8k

Shannon Simcox To write every day this week!

Robbin Lewis-Hurley My goal is to finish the first draft of my non-fiction book. Half way there. Woot!

Pam Martin Find more client work (quickly!), write a least 3 chapters on the switched WIP (hoping for 10K words or more), and finish two short client pieces.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To finalize the new covers of my already self-published ebooks and publish the ebook with the new covers.

Mercy Fae Author Pre-order set up for my novel. Now just working on advertising.

Liz Vatcher organize my poetry … just a pile of paper … life went chaos, my writings did too

Jo Moon Finish novella and run some more Ads!

Pam Martin Write a short story tied to the book series, write 1-2 chapters on the WIP, redo the chapter synopses for the new series first book (I didn’t like what I have), and write some query letters about possible articles.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Continue to self-publish my stories on ebooks with the new covers.

Andrea Noor outline ideas into possible articles.

Kimberly Bea Finish revisions on Draft 6 and send it to my mentor by Sunday.

Fawn Spencer Finish a book I’m editing for another author, and then either finish my sewing book or start something new to try to get something started for Camp Nano.

Aayush Garg Getting a writer’s job. Or more freelance perhaps

Dimitri Kasongo Dream as you believe and believe as you dream…

Daniel Escurel Occeno For the month of July my goal is to decide on self-publishing with print-on-demand paperbacks. Making new covers on my ebooks and was a suggestion it gave me 3 new book ideas. A collection of my short stories for a print edition along with my novelettes. I only have ebooks right now.



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