Congratulations, Beth Davis Cato, August winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions, for posting goals. Post September Goals below.

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Here are the goals posted over the last month. How did everyone do?

S. T. Lynn Blah. I did not make my goal last month. I’m still only two weeks ahead on the serial. So let’s try it again. Goal for Aug: get 4 weeks ahead on the serial.

Tami Veldura I got half my goal done! Edits are finished and sent to the publisher (yay!) But I’m only a bit further along in Serenity. That’s my goal this month, finish the story!

J Tom Field Happy to have survived family in town in July. August: Finish at least two scripts of original sitcom that is finally gelling. Work on 48 hour film festival.

Pamela Jackson my goals this week are as follows: go out on a limb, and write from my heart something that will make your soul smile, your eyes twinkle and your body giggle when you least expect it. you know those moments then you are driving, or walking and you remember a particularly funny passage, or moment in a book? well THAT is what I will create this week, for a submission to a contest for comedy writing!

Tashana Sims My goal this week is to finish reading the two books I’ve been reading for about a week now. Ideally, I’d like to get my main character sketches completed, but I’m kind of stuck “

Dianne Buss 2500 words a day? Is that ridiculous?

Beth Davis Cato Get out more submissions by the 31st. Outline for a new story.

John Bezpiaty Get at least one proposal in at cracked and get my current short story project done.

Wayne Manigo I discovered someone who is creating an eBook on dealing with writer’s block. Submissions are due by the end of the month for anyone who wants to be included in the book. Its funny how that month sort of flew right past me. I’m glad I worked on a few rough drafts of my article.

Mandi Pimental Finish my fall fashion article, and I am on deadline for 10 script assignments. I’ll be in my office until Sunday. Send yummy food. Thanks

Beth Davis Cato Finish this round of novel edits; send out a bunch of short stories and poems before the 31st.

Colleen Wait Finish issue #1 of my new e-magazine – Assurance, Stories of Faith. See my blog for submission details.

Llyane Stanfield 3o minutes / day

Veronica Roland To finish my short story.

Pamela Jackson (I am teaching a CREATE YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK! class at a camp) 1. Finish my comic book. 2. Rewrite this summers curriculum/lesson plans as it has really worked this time! 3. Start the outline for book #1 ( a certified teaching artists handbook for fun, learning and growing). 4. see if I can retrieve music files for songs I wrote for my musical. 5. journal every day. 6. creative write on Friday!


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