Here are some details about the writing assignment we did at last Wednesday’s meeting.

– First, list 5 things you do not like or are apathetic about.

– Next, list 5 things you DO like.
– The key is to be specific. For example: Don’t write, “I hate inconsiderate people;” instead, how about,”I hate inconsiderate people who think it’s necessary for me to hear there cell phone conversations, whether they are in line at the bank, the movie theater, or a restaurant–they have no clue and no “indoor voice.”

Once you have your lists, pick one of your likes or dislikes to write about. For those who write non-fiction, chose something you can use for a spec article or essay. For fiction writers, each idea can be used as a character trait.

Receive extra credit at the next meeting for writing a story using one of your ideas.

The point is that even the things that you do not like or hold very little interest for you still can be used as basis for an article, an essay, or a character detail. Or for more than one of those things. If you have brainstorming time, keep working on your lists. Then, the next time you have “writers block,” randomly pick something from the list, and just do 10 – 15 minutes of free-writing. You never know where one idea will lead.



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