Great Write On! Meeting. We welcomed 3 new members. Those who couldn’t make it: We missed you, hope you can be there on September 9. Yes, the next meeting will be 9/9/09! Gotta be lucky, right?

As we went through goals, we talked about things from Shakespeare to self-publishing. Also discussed: When it is alright to write for free (when it benefits the writer in the long- or short-term) and when it is not (whenever it lessens the value of a writer’s talent. People take you more seriously when you they pay you. If cash payment is not an option, then try to barter for services). Plus, the importance of quantity in words when you are on the first draft—self-editing as you write only slows down the process, and the bigger picture.

We heard poetry and prose written by: Laurie, Ally, Mason, Lindley, and Heather. Thanks for sharing! Such amazing talent in our group.

New Write On! Contest is coming soon. In the meantime, post your goals in the comments section below or on the Write On! Facebook Fan Page.

Until next time, Happy Writing!



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