The Santa Monica Pier may have been celebrating their 100th Anniversary tonight, but the September Write On! Meeting was nothing to sneeze at. Sure, they had fireworks. We had the brilliance! What talent. I so enjoy seeing our members shine.

We had 19 members attend this month’s group, including a visit from Dyan and Obert, who we haven’t seen in years. They were at the first Write On! meeting 7 1/2 years ago back when Write On! briefly used the TAG Gallery space in Santa Monica. We were also pleased to welcome back screenwriter Mark. Plus, Alemayehu, who just published his poetry book, “Haiku,” read a poem in his native Ethiopian, after I read the English translation. His proud mother watched as he read.

Also this evening we heard from Aldona (a part of her novel translated from her native Lithuanian) and more of Laurie’s chick lit novel (read by new member Stephanie), as well as amazing poetry form Orchid, Mason, and Tatiana.

Our goal discussion led to the question, “What makes your writing so special that people would want to read it?” which transitioned into a fabulous conversation about why we write. The short answer, btw, is that what makes us different from other writers is our unique perspective, our voice, and our unstoppable passion for our craft. (Nobody can say what we have to say the same way we are able to say it!) Writing is a skill, and if we have the drive and talent, it is our duty to put it out there, to share with whoever wants to listen. It’s amazing what we might learn from someone else’s words, and from our own…

Speaking of sharing, Heather brought these website to share: the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses,, and

Enter the Write On! Online September Challenge: Getting to Know You. It’s a great way to polish your non-fiction and fiction skills–and a chance to win fabulous prizes. Also, post your goals in the comments section below or on the Write On! Facebook Fan Page to be entered in a drawing to win a free iScript.

Until next time, Happy Writing!



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