Write On! Creative Marketing
by children’s author Martha Swirzinski, M.A.

The greatest challenge for me has been marketing.  I have come up with some fun ways to get my books out there. Here are few recommendations to help you think beyond the bookstore.

1. Bookstores are not the only place you can do a booksigning. Who are your characters? What are their interests? Do they like to cook? Have a booksigning in a kitchen store or the grand opening of a new restaurant.

2. Since I sell children’s books, there are many types of places I can go to get out and promote. You’ll find me at children’s boutiques, festivals, and grand openings of any type of company that caters to children’s activities.

3. Are your books geared towards female readers? Pair up with women who do home shows. Think Pampered Chef, Mary Kay and so on. Around the holidays your books may be just the last minute gift people are looking for.

4. Workshops are fabulous ways to share expertise and get books out there. Do you have something you can teach your readers? My books are geared toward getting children to move during the story, to use their imagination and their bodies to bring the story to life, so I give workshops on health, exercise, and nutrition.

5. If you don’t feel like you could give a workshop, pair up with an expert. Are romance novels your niche? Connect with a marriage counselor for a free workshop on building a better marriage. Are murder mysteries your passion? Pair up with a police officer or marital arts expert to give a free seminar on protecting yourself.  If poems are your thing, pair up with a chocolate shop and have a tasting and a reading around Valentines Day, Mothers Day, or any holiday.

Remember, anything goes! The only limitation is your imagination.

* * *

Martha Swirzinski is the author of three children’s books focused on movement: Leap… Laugh… Plop, Guess… Giggle… Wiggle, and Kick… Catch… Buzz. With more than 15 years of experience working in the field of movement with children, Swirzinski is also a certified personal fitness trainer.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation from Clemson University and a master’s from the University of Maryland in Kinesiology.

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  1. Martha 11 years ago

    Thanks for having me on today.

  2. Joe 11 years ago

    Spoken like a book marketing wizard!!
    As a first time author, the marketing seems to be more important than the book.
    Joe Dadich

  3. Karen Cioffi 11 years ago

    Martha, great tips. And, pairing up with an expert is great strategy – it’s a win-win situation.

  4. P.I. Barrington 11 years ago

    What great ideas Martha! Clever and super fun too! Thanks for this post!

  5. Martha 11 years ago

    Thanks everyone,
    Joe, you are so right, marketing is very important. At least if you want to get your book out there.

  6. Stephen Tremp 11 years ago

    My characters love to go to restaurants and pubs and such. Starbucks too. Maybe some of the local Starbucks would carry a few copies of my book. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Jennifer 11 years ago

    Hi Martha,

    One of the most wonderful aspects of the creative world…the huge pool of exciting ideas. Thanks! Love the police martial arts idea. My mind is circling around other theme related joint ventures. May have to spin that brainstorm into a post for my artisticpreneur audience!

    And the kitchen store, cooking…also a tantalizing gem!


  8. Magdalena Ball 11 years ago

    Martha, your ‘pair up’ ideas are superb. Not only does it encourage a whole new audience, but it makes the promotional process easier and more fun. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  9. Angela 11 years ago

    Great job Martha!

  10. Debra Eckerling 11 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, Martha. Really fabulous, creative ideas! And thanks, everyone, for stopping by!

  11. Margaret Fieland 11 years ago

    Martha, terrific ideas.

  12. kathy stemke 11 years ago

    Great ideas Martha. I’m going to have a signing at an antique store.

  13. Donna McDine 11 years ago

    Terrific tips, thanks for sharing.

  14. Heidi M. Thomas 11 years ago

    I’ve had signings at my local Starbucks. Since my books are about cowgirls, I’ve also sold books at western wear & tack shops and farmers’ supply stores. Once there was a local dinner theater that had “Cowgirls” in the title and I asked to set up a table there.

  15. VS Grenier 11 years ago

    I was feeling a bit down about my book marketing today and this post really helped get my spirits back up.


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