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  1. Kat Ward 11 years ago

    I am finally sending out queries to agents in regard to my novel AMY’S OWN. I am now onto the agents who request synopses and sample work. The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to just cut and paste my sample work into my hotmail email body because it changes the size, font and structure. So, I have manually typed it in, having to manually double space as hotmail doesn’t offer double-spacing as an option, but I have seen with one rejection notice that the sample work came back all out of alignment. I am assuming that the agent’s window was opened to a different width than I use and because I had done everything manually, suddenly lines were jumping up to single space, but maybe only five words here or there. It looked horrible. I don’t know how to fix this issue and am tentative to send out anymore sample work before I can figure this out. The query and synopses are fine because they are single-spaced. Maybe I should try my gmail account. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received. Thank you!


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