How high is your Screenwriting IQ? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the business of screenwriting.

True or False

1. After a certain period of years, the original writer of an unproduced screenplay can purchase the project back from the buyer.

True, but it’s going to be very costly.

2. Producers get paid only if their project goes into production.

True, except for a development fee that their paid at the time of sale.

3. Going into production is when the film has completed principal photography.

False. It’s when principal photography begins.

4. The original writers of a movie receive a reasonable share of DVD sales.

That’s false. Writers get a tiny fraction of DVD sales which is very low.

5. The penalty for a WGA member to sell or work for a non-signatory company is expulsion from the Guild.


6. The Academy of Motion Pictures votes on the “Best Screenplay” nominees for the Oscars.

False. The Writers Guild does.

7. The Hollywood Creative Directory has separate directories for Agents/Managers, Financing, and Distribution companies.


8. Writers are never asked to be present during the shooting of the movie they’ve written.

False. Sometimes a writer is asked to be on location to make changes to the script.

9. A logline by itself has never been sold.

False. High concept loglines have been sold on their own, although these days it’s much harder.

10.  Your logline should be memorized word for word.

False. You should use what I call “rehearsed spontaneity” so if you forget a key word or two your pitch still will make sense.

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