Congratulations, Melody Lopez, November winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions, for posting goals. Post December goals below.

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Here are the goals posted over the last month. How did everyone do?

Carly Alyssa Thorne: All of My Goals posted earlier are all done… Goals for November are to Finish lining up a Radio Show, Finish Writing 3 more blogs, Continue to work on Course outlines

Rebekah McClew: I’m attending the Florida, Miami-Dade International book expo Nov 16-18. My goal is to finish my current novel while I’m on the road to there and on the drive back.

Tara Layman Williams: Novemebr goals…finish NaNo’s writing contest by 11.30.12, submit article to a magazine, and start a blog.

Anna Metcalf: To just get my pages done for writer group and do 2 blog posts. Instead of spending hours looking at online news.

Alex Willging: To keep working on my blog and writing more short stories (some of which I’ll hopefully be posting on my blog soon!).

Robin Chappell: Getting that ‘final edit’ done on “Dreams…” and getting it ‘out the door’ and on to Book Baby for Stage Two, e-book creation.

Roberta Lynn: Clean the garden & vote. Finish something 😉

K Bailey Fucanan: 8,000 words in my novel

Rick Clark: Finish my blog post on “open governance” and publish by 11/11/12.

Stephanie Olivieri: Finish up the ghost and start NaNo!!!

Jeffrey Westhoff: Finish second pass through second draft. Begin revisions.

Warren Paul Glover: Start the third draft of my rom-com, based on coverage notes and competition feedback.

Melinda Crump: Finish writing the ending of my novel then work on edits

Rebekah McClew: Editing one of my books. After having it professionally done I found so many errors, spelling, grammer, punctuation and sentences that were added that had nothing to do with the story. So fixing it :^( Anyone know of a good COMPETENT editor, let me know! My books are generally 97-100k words

Sunday Brunch: twenty five pages done for a spec..

Warren Paul Glover: Just back from hols so sorting emails, prioritising and just getting back into it…

Ashley Hill: finishing my e-book

Melody Lopez: To relax since I finally printed out my completed Screenplay that took me about 55 days to write only after having spent almost 4 years trying to get to Fade out For real….

Meetu Singhal: Not writing specifically but creating digital formats in PDFs for online distribution.

George Gomond: Have more fun each day. What else is there!

Steven Gilmer: I’m doing a read through of my rough draft and making notes.

Zac Sanford: To finalize the outline for season 2 of my webseries, finish the first act of my two specs in development and try not to go crazy in the meantime.


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  2. […] post your December goals on Write On Online or on Facebook, and be entered in the monthly drawing to win a book […]

  3. […] post your December goals on Write On Online or Facebook and be entered in a drawing to win a book from Michael Wiese […]

  4. J Tom Field 9 years ago

    So the nanowwrimo isn’t going to be finished in the next 48 hours. Goal number 1 Finish that before years end. Goal 2 start to create a professional presence on line. Goal for 2013 finish developing tv series.

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