Want to step up your branding? Check out my interview with Tara Coomans, Poodle Mafia, on the importance of branding on Write On Online’s companion site Guided Goals.

Tara is a digital branding and marketing strategist and founder of Poodle Mafia, a company with a focus on startups, movements, and personalities.

Tara shares her branding story, as well as shares tips for getting started, her favorite resource, how she achieves work-life balance, and more.


Professional Goal of the Week: Pick something in progress (logo, image, mission statement) and share it with your network and ask for feedback. Feel free to also share it in the comments of this podcast. And tweet out to @TaraCoomans, so she can support you, as well.

Personal Goal of the Week: Have a lunch and put the phone away for the entire meal.

* * *

The Guided Goals Podcast is hosted by Debra Eckerling, the creator of Write On Online. It is a series of interviews that offer tools, direction, and resources to help you pursue your passion project.



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