Ja-Nae DuaneReady to turn your passion project into a business? Check out my interview with Ja-Nae Duane on starting your startup on Write On Online’s companion site Guided Goals.

Ja-Nae is co-author of the Startup Equation, and is helping 1 million entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by 2020.

Ja-Nae talks about developing your startup, work-life balance, goals and more.


Personal Goal of the Week: Take an inventory of your personal life, see where it is needs balance, and put it back in there.

Personal and/orProfessional Goal of the Week: Take a part of your life that you feel is lacking and, around that goal, write down 100 things that go along with that goal. It’s a great way to have clarity. (Note: I frequently break people up in increments of 20, while Ja-Nae goes straight to 100.) It will force you to get really particular about what you want, Ja-Nae adds. Also add a date and time, so it’s very concrete in your head.

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The Guided Goals Podcast is hosted by Debra Eckerling, the creator of Write On Online. It is a series of interviews that offer tools, direction, and resources to help you pursue your passion project.



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