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Here are some of the goals posted last month.

Kim Smith My goals are to complete a book that I have been writing since 1994 off and on. I would like to see it go to script. I am working on a Viking Novel so I will need to research their history and all that goes with their lifestyle. Then I will complete that. I wish for it to go to script as well. … and many, many more

Damon Maultsaid Been asked to write another album review for one of my favourite Aus hip hop artists, also a short bio for another of my favourite rappers (for his portfolio) and continue working on my main biography project, nearly 20000 words in and so much more information to share. Yeww!

Larissa Merriman I have to turn in the pilot episode of my series by the 27th. And submit to the NIcholls by March 7th. So it’s Lazy Eye all the way for me.

Beth McGee Go home and read all of the great info I’ve gotten at a municipal conference I’m attending this week. Then, record the final chapters of my book. I think I can get it done this week!

Hayley Dory Glasson Back to target of 2900 words per week, and making sure I stick to it

Dan-Adrian Drăcea I usually write around 10,000 words per week – Lol! – but I feel lazy today.

Paul Chase 5 pages and rewrite first 5 pages. So…10 pages technically.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Continue editing “FIRE EXTINGUISHER MAN!”

Diana Brebrich Writing few more scenes to my new screenplay.

Chad McClendon Design new business cards.

Sandy Jackson Stop procrastinating and finish my book!

Jennifer Pulling Meeting with two writer friends to set up a more active marketing campaign. Finish my play.

Kim Smith I started a new book, collaberating with a Viking lover no less, and am entering an older book that I wrote some time ago.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Edit my January novel. I let it sit for a couple of weeks and now I can go back reading it. I thought of paragraphs amount to be more descriptive and to add to scenes.

Hayley Dory Glasson I have a word count target of 600 words every night after work.

M. J. Kintore, Author I finally got Scrivener loaded so I am transferring all of my notebooking to it and learning where to arrange it all. I am trying to figure out what else I need to figure out 🙂 before I start writing. Characters, check. Basic storyline, check. World, check. Goals for first main character, check. Has anyone ever written for three main characters successfully? This will be my first book trying that out.

Jim E Yockey I have written several short stories with comedy n mind..I have all of them but, they are not online or published…Now what?

Rory Cole Figure out the cause and effect of the plot and make my main character make mistakes that bring it all about. That, and figure out how my main character can stop the big bad coming. That one has me most stumped.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Finish up editing my historical romance novelette and start editing my January novel.

Helen Huffman David Getting back in the habit of writing every day.

Lois Paige Simenson Work on more character bios. Rewrite one first draft chapter.

Jewels Hipolito Lara I’m trying to put something down I just don’t know how to start

Bill Kelly I hope to put a few words on paper.

Paul Chase Flu ridden, and aiming for 10 pages.

Denise Duff As for me try and get over the flu

Laura Brennan Feb ’17: Finish outline of next book. Woot!



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